IVSC (Integrity Vehicle Solutions Company) announced yesterday that they have launched the first and only regulator approved e-hailing application in Las Vegas, called Ride Genie. This mobile app will allow people to hail black cars, limos, taxis and handicap accessible vehicles in Las Vegas. As of now they have 400 black cars, limos and SUVs in employ, with taxi hailing services starting in the next 6-8 weeks. Visiting www.RideGenie.com from your mobile iOS or Android device will get you the appropriate link to download the app.

Today marks a significant achievement not only for IVSC but also for Las Vegas. IVSC has created a mobile app that allows the fleets to operate as they normally would within the regulatory framework of the state, but provides the added benefit of allowing passengers to use their smart phone to secure rides. What we have been able to accomplish here in Las Vegas is a true testament to the industry’s desire to use technology that will enhance the passenger experience and optimize their business. We are already receiving interest from other cities throughout the country and the rest of the world and see great opportunity in replicating this experience in those locations.Mark James, President and CEO of IVSC

Ride Genie is an enhancement to the existing system, not a “ride-sharing” program. All Ride Genie requests are sent to existing professional drivers, which are part of participating regulated commercial fleets in the Ride Genie program. In this way, the IVSC is providing a new way for these companies to connect with customers, while staying within the regulations of the state.

Instead of exploiting the transportation industry and working against safety and consumer protection regulations, we have chosen to partner with fleet owners and drivers, and worked within regulatory processes to create a seamless technology platform that improves and simplifies transportation access and supports regulatory visibility. With Ride Genie, the riding public can take advantage of the convenience of technology without losing the assurances that the driver and car that they hail are properly inspected, regulated, licensed and insured. It leverages the safety benefits of regulation through the thoughtful and supportive application of technology.Mark James, President and CEO of IVSC

Ride Genie app

The app has been developed to be intuitive to the passenger. You can create an account with a credit card or other cashless payment option, and request type of vehicle. Then you can proceed to request pickup location and drop off location. When the driver accepts the fare, the passenger will be able to see the car approaching within the app. Once the fare is complete, and you’ve arrived at the destination, because the system is cashless, you just step out of the car and on you are on your way.

Ride Genie sounds like a slick app, and I’m looking forward to try it out in Las Vegas when I visit for CES. Let us know if you’ll be using it if you go!

Source: PRNewswire Ride Genie App

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