At this years Google I/O last week, Google announced that developers would be able to make personal landing pages to show off their apps they have listed in the Google Play Store and it seems that as of today those pages have now gone live. This means developers can show off their work just a bit more than they previously could with a large banner at the top of the page when you click on their Google Play Developer name.

It’s very easy for developers to set this all up as well. Only takes a few minutes and can all be done from right within the developers console in the developers pages section. Here’s what you’ll need to set one up for your own brand on the Google Play Store:

  • Promotional text: Add up to 140 characters that describe your brand. You can add translations of your promotional text by clicking Add translations near the top of the screen. Once you’ve added translations, you can click Manage translations to add other translations.
  • Developer icon: 512 x 512, 32-bit PNG
  • Header image: 4096 x 2304, JPG or 24-bit PNG

If you’re a developer, that’s all you need which should be a piece of cake for most everyone who has things listed in the Google Play Store. It will help bring some attention to your work where all of your apps are listed. And speaking of apps, the developer even has the choice to set an app as the primary app of their work to showcase and highlight within the banner image. Plus they can even link to their developers website if they have one and again, it’s all very simple and easy to setup from right within the Google Play Developers console.

Google Play Developers Page Image 2

Developers will want to do this and get it all set up as quickly as possible to really highlight their work that we know they put a lot of long hours into making to make our devices that much better in various ways. To me, this can really give me an idea of what kind of work someone does, especially graphically, if they use a certain image that they have made themselves.

If you’re a Google Play Developer, tell us, have you set yours up yet or will you be setting it up soon and if so, give us a link to your work in the comments below so we can check it out and see what kind of awesome stuff you have listed in the Google Play Store.

Source: Phandroid(Google Play Developer Pages)

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