As we all know, USB cables have three configurations for when you’re trying to plug them in: the wrong side, the second wrong side, and finally the correct (yet somehow original) side. This new product called dio (not to be confused by the former member of Black Sabbath), which has already been funded on Kickstarter (184% of goal at the time of writing) and wants to end all of our tri-sided USB woes.

dio 3-way USB problem

One of the biggest reservations that people have about Kickstarter Campaigns is that you never know whether the product will arrive on time, or even at all (or if it’s a scam)! Unfortunately, that’s one of the gambles of being an initial investor. With dio, however, it isn’t much of a gamble. The product already exists and they sent me one to have a look at for myself.

As you can see, it is totally real and it works quite well as far as charging is concerned.  What I did notice, however, is that it behaved almost as two different USB cords when you plug it in in either direction. I also noticed that I got a lot of “device not recognized” on Windows. I can’t say whether you would get different behavior on Linux or Mac, but my guess is that you would have a better experience on both platforms.

Update: It turns out my work computer has something broken going on with the USB extension that goes from my computer to the top of my desk where it’s actually accessible. Crisis averted. Plugging it in on my home PC showed zero errors and brought up the mass storage dialog almost immediately.

dio USB device not recognized

Otherwise, it’s a great start for having a reversible USB cord for your phone, and if you buy the lightning variant both ends will be reversible! The nylon braid sleeve for the cable is extremely high quality, which prevents the cat from spoiling the fun, and the rigid nylon material prevents knots from forming – protecting it from your backpack. The cable comes in a variety of colors, two lengths (3′ & 6′), and two protocols (micro-USB & lightning).

dio color variety

dio isn’t the first reversible USB cable (and they don’t claim to be), but do they claim to be the holders to the patent (with pictures), so accept no fakes. With the adoption of USB Type-C on the horizon, this may sound like a lost cause, but I think this is a good way to tide you over, especially since it doesn’t cost much more than a normal USB cable when you buy it from the Kickstarter campaign. The super early bird special got you one cable for $14, but that’s already gone. You can still get a single cable for $16 and then it jumps to $32 for a pair. There was a $20/single cable deal but it appears that they accidentally limited that to one backer.

The campaign for dio ends on May 21st and Moopti (the makers of dio) are promising that the first batch will begin shipping on May 22nd. That’s because they already have 200 made up for the initial backers and they don’t want people to be waiting months and months and never see the product. They know this isn’t a Mars landing, but are happy to make your life a little simpler and they aim to do that straight away.

Source: Kickstarter

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