Here at TechDissected we are always looking for the best value for our dollar and a lot of those times in wireless, they are provided by a smaller less known company. Cricket wireless is one of those companies and they want folks from T-Mobile and Metro PCS to make the switch, and they are handing out a $100 credit to do so.

Formerly AT&T’s AIO prepaid program, AT&T purchased Leap Wireless (which operated under the Cricket name) and has replaced AIO with Cricket Wireless. So, you are getting AT&T towers and connection, with a lower price point, essentially. The “new” Cricket Wireless provides more 4G availability than T-Mobile and Metro PCS, and taxes and fees are included in a price that starts as low as $35 for talk and text. As with a lot of companies now, there are no annual contracts and you can earn Cricket Rewards towards a new smartphone yearly.

This $100 credit is more than two months of their basic service, at $35 per month with a $5 credit for autopay. With the Pro plan, this credit equates to 2 full months of service for free (with the $5 off for using autopay).

Cricket Wireless Featured

T-Mobile and Metro PCS customers looking to switch will find the new Cricket a smart choice. We give consumers straightforward, affordable pricing, offer nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and reward their loyalty. And for the next few weeks, we’ll give them a $100 bill credit to see it for themselves.Cricket vice president and chief marketing officer Janna Ducich

Considering the immediate coverage advantage over T-Mobile and Metro PCS, this is a short term attack on these carriers, as they are due to roll out their 700MHz band LTE starting in 2015. Being a subsidiary of AT&T offers them the immediate advantage of service in some hard to reach places in the US.

Are you looking at switching? If you are fed up with the coverage in your area, this will be a quick fix for you, as, in my area, AT&T has better coverage than T-Mobile. Let us know in the comments what you think about this deal? Short term damage limitation, or legitimate business model?

Source: Top 5 Reasons For T-Mobile And MetroPCS Customers Should Move To Cricket Wireless




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