USB 3.1 has promised us even faster transfer speeds reaching 10GBps but perhaps even more importantly than that, it will finally be a reversible solution, giving users the luxury of no longer having to fiddle around in the dark with their cables, at least not try 3 different configurations of plugging in a cord into a USB port. The biggest problems with USB 3.1 are that it won’t be backwards compatible with USB 3 and back and it probably won’t reach full adoption for another 10 years. A couple of brilliant minds have created a solution called BelayCords that will finally solve our problems and you won’t have to upgrade your computer to use it.

USB 4D BelayCords

What Are BelayCords?

BelayCords are a solution to the problem described in the cartoon above that suggests that USB cables exist in 4D space. Everyone can relate to the seemingly impossible task of getting a USB cable into the port on the first try without fully examining both the cable and the port before trying to gain entry. BelayCords redesign the standard USB cable to allow it to fit into a standard USB port in either direction and they have created cables that are extremely high quality and will be compatible with just about any phone you might own. It will support Lightning port, Apple’s 19-Pin charging connection, micro-USB, and Mini-USB on the other end of a 4-foot or two meter, braided cable.

BelayCords are going to retail for nearly $40 per cable, which is a lot but if you consider what you’re getting it might seem reasonable and you can get them right now for a lot cheaper. The BelayCords are going to come with a lifetime warranty, covering physical damage, and with the Apple BelayCords, obsolescence.  The cables will be MFi licensed, meaning that they will be fully compatible with your Apple hardware without getting the “Unauthorized device” error on your phone or tablet. In addition, BelayCords is promising that if the licensing somehow changes down the road and their cords become “unauthorized,” then they will replace it for you for free, making it “the last cable you’ll ever have to buy”

Personally, I’m already sold on the product and it seems like a lot of other people are too based on it’s booming popularity on Kickstarter. Their goal was to reach $4000 within 60 days and in the first 2 weeks of the campaign, they have raised over $100,000. Of course, I reached out to BelayCords and their creators and will be getting one for TechDissected to give a full dissection, if you’re still feeling wary.

Additionally, I encourage you to check out their product video and see if they can sell you on BelayCords using their demonstration of the product.

Source: BelayCords on Kickstarter

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