So we have another 8-bit tap game to frustrate us into oblivion. Remember Flappy Bird? The game that made people so mad they threw their phones against the wall? The game that to this day gets copied and pirated like crazy? Well, Flappy Bird is still gone. The developer felt that too many people were addicted to the game. So instead of continuing to rake in millions of dollars, he removed it from the App Store and Google Play. Today is a new day and out from the ashes of Flappy Bird’s death comes “Timberman,” an 8-bit tapper that changes it up a bit.

Timberman can be found on iOS and Android respectively. That is the norm these days. If you want your application to do well, those are the two teams you bank on – but where does that leave Windows Phone? As a Windows Phone user, I took it upon myself to ask the developer Digital Melody on twitter, if a Windows Phone app was a possibility:

Timberman Tweet

Well there you have it folks. They claim to be in development on a Windows Phone app and will hopefully be providing more information sometime next week.

This is fantastic news for Windows Phone, not necessarily because Timberman is some innovative genius experience, but having a popular game at the moment, available on Windows Phone, helps close the app gap.  When games like this are trending, the app usually shows up in the top charts of their respective store, so I have a feeling it will do well on Windows Phone. While I have played it on my HTC One M8, I will look forward to playing it again on my Lumia 925. Let’s just hope they update their website with a Windows Phone Store link, and make the game playable for those new Nokia Lumia 635 users (512MB of RAM).

Website: Timberman Game
Twitter: Timberman Digital Melody
Google Play Store: Timberman Game
App Store: Timberman Game

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