If  a recent report by notorious (yet reliable) headline grabber evLeaks is anything to go by, then the Nokia Lumia moniker may not be dropped after all. It is learnt that Microsoft is attempting to license the Nokia brand, presumably for smartphones, so that all future handsets can simply be called Nokia by Microsoft.

The Lumia will replace the existing Surface brand – both of which Microsoft already owns. As per the details of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and handsets business, Microsoft can already use the Nokia brand for feature phones, Nokia ASHA handsets and Nokia X for 10 years, but was meant to drop it smartphones within 18 months of purchase of Nokia’s handset division, which closed in April.

With more and more manufacturers favoring Android or Chrome over Windows OS, and even existing ones acting indifferent to their Windows models in the market, it was only time before Microsoft took it upon itself to strengthen its foundations. As a result, Microsoft is said to be leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on consumer sentiment that is again looking up to the once-mighty Nokia brand for its cellular needs.

It remains to be seen whether these developments will have any impact whatsoever on the new entrants in the Windows smartphone market – with the likes of Micromax already having launched their first smartphone running Windows 8.1.

On the other hand, the move to dump the Surface brand does appear to be confusing, and definitely harmful to Microsoft’s tablet ambitions. The Nokia brand isn’t particularly synonymous with tablets (I wonder if there ever was a Nokia-branded tablet) and Microsoft already has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Surface’s development.

Alas, such are the ways of today’s volatile markets – no one can predict for sure what will succeed and what will fall flat on its face.

Source: evLeaks
via: WMPoweruser

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