One of the major changes introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8.1 was making the operating system more modular. Elements like Game Hubs, Xbox Music etc, which were previously deeply integrated into the OS core, were given introduced as separate entities with apps of their own. The major advantage was that now they could be easily updated without having to release entire OS upgrades.

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The Windows Phone 8.1 Calendar app was also made part of this modular approach. However, a latest update pushed to the app has rendered it all but usable.

As noted by several users, the Calendar app crashes as soon as you try to create a new task or appointment.


The good news however is that The Windows Phone support team are aware of the problem and have stated that they are working on a solution. In response to an anxious user, they replied –  


Until a permanent solution is patched through by Microsoft, here’s a quick workaround that seems to be working well for several users – Cortana. Yes, creating or editing tasks, appointments etc via the voice assistant app throws up no issues at all.


Source: Windows Phone Support on Twitter

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