OnePlus has announced Round 2 of their Pre-orders Warm Up today, and after only an hour the contest has already closed. Those lucky enough to enter will be receive their invite within 24 hours of the contest closing.

OnePlus Contest Form

OnePlus Giveaway Contest Form

“The Warm Up was a way to measure the response from you guys in order to better prepare ourselves for the beginning of the new system” says David S, a staff member via the OnePlus Forums. The “new system” of course meaning the full-blown pre-ordering that is expected to go live later this month.

The OnePlus One has been criticized for their unorthodox invite system by some in the tech community (like Erica Griffin); claiming that OnePlus “plays off of scarcity and causes a frenzy”. There is no doubt that there’s a demand for these devices, but would there be as much demand if they hadn’t used these controlled-purchasing tactics? Matt Adams from the TechDissected team put together a review recently – “41 Weeks Later: Is the OnePlus One Still A Smart Buy?” – and I’d recommend reviewing his points so you can come to an educated conclusion for yourself on whether or not this is the right buy for you.

The OnePlus One is sporting a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, and is currently available in a 64GB configuration. These specs rival devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), and LG/Google Nexus 5 at a somewhat remarkable price of $350 USD. As a OnePlus owner, I can tell you there are some additional costs to factor in when making your purchase:

  • Shipping: In addition to the $350 USD I paid for my 64GB model, I had only one option for shipping (Express). Shipping costs were $27.99 USD.
  • Exchange rate: I live in Canada, and the dollar here wasn’t strong when I ordered last week. My total for my order was $376.99 USD, which was $437.21 CAD.
  • Duties and taxes: In Canada these vary based on the province you live in. I paid an addition $66.50 CAD via the DHL website before my order was delivered.

Did you get a chance to enter the latest OnePlus Pre-order Warm Up today? We did. Stay tuned; we might have an invite to give away to one lucky reader.

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