In this, the second installment of my Glass Journal series – in which I periodically delve into the latest news in the world of Google Glass – we’ll be taking a look at a couple of the latest Glassware (the official term for Glass apps) to make their way to Google’s wearable. Today’s entry features two pieces of Glassware that made their debut during the month of July: MyRadar Weather Radar and RedLaser For Glass.

MyRadar Weather Radar

Glass MyRadar

The best Glass apps are designed to offer relevant information in short bursts of interaction, with as little input from the user as possible. MyRadar Weather Radar stands as an exemplary illustration of this design philosophy. It does exactly one thing, with absolutely no options to choose from. Tapping on the Glass touchpad while in the app, which normally brings up at least a few options in most Glassware, in this case only offers the “you can’t do that” tone.

And so, what exactly is the one thing that MyRadar does so well? Just say, “Okay Glass… Show me the weather,” (just simply saying, “Okay Glass… Show weather” works as well), and you will be presented with an animated weather map that loops an appoximately two second view of the latest radar data for your area.There is no need to select your location, as MyRadar grabs your GPS location from your smartphone.

The area shown on the map is of a good enough size to let you easily see whether precipitation in your area is imminent, or if a storm is likely to arrive in the next couple hours. This is an exceptionally useful piece of Glassware (everyone checks the weather, right?), and the devs deserve much kudos for the straightforward and almost-too-easy-to-use design.

RedLaser For Glass

Glass RedLaser 1

RedLaser For Glass is designed to make comparison shopping simple and convenient. If you’re in a store and see a product you’re interested in, just say, “Okay Glass… Scan a product,” and then look at the barcode on the product (you can also do voice searches if you don’t have a barcode present). This brings up a card showing the item, along with the best price (both online and locally) and the distance to the local store with the best deal.

Glass RedLaser 2

Swipe forward on Glass to see a list of the best local prices and the distance to each. Tapping the Glass touchpad while on this list brings up mini maps with info for each entry. Tapping while on a specific entry offers the option to navigate to that store.

Glass RedLaser 3

From the list of local stores, another swipe forward will show a list of the best online prices. Tapping on these will bring up an option to send yourself an email with a link to purchase the item. Swiping forward from that list will show related products. RedLaser is indeed an extremely convenient way to comparison shop, and works quite well from my experience.

New apps such as these continue to increase the value of Glass, and I personally cannot wait to see what the awesome devs out there come up with next.

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