So this is interesting news for all you gamers and 14 year old girls out there. Tomorrow, LG will be releasing it’s first ever Quickcircle Case game to the Google Play Store. The game is called “Puppy Pop” and it is the first ever mobile game developed specifically for the LG G3’s Quickcircle Case. Whether or not this is the first of many Quickcircle Case games to come, remains to be seen.

Quickcircle Case Games LG G3

With the release of the LG G3, LG is pulling out all the stops – even if that means developing a game that can be played with your cell phone case. The game is made to be played right from the circular window display on the cover. Puppy Pop, is a puzzle game where you will accumulate points based off of how many identical puppies you draw a line through – thus removing as many puppies as possible. Your game-play is timed to give you a sense of urgency and your scores will be sharable onto your favorite social networking platform.

LG is pushing the idea that Puppy Pop is another advancement in their drive to further enhance the experience of the LG G3. Their main goal is to show the functionality and versatility of the Quickcircle Case. As a reminder, the Quickcircle Case has an SDK available for developers that would like to take advantage of it. There is also no mention of Puppy Pop having Google Play Games achievements, although we really think it should.

While we are sure most users will download this game off of pure curiosity alone. We are speculating on how successful Quickcircle Case games can really be. Sound off in the comments on whether or not you think this is something that will take off or not. Also, stay tuned for our LG G3 review coming soon.

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