It’s a simple utility that can end up being the most attractive application on our devices sometimes. An easy to use uni-tasker that does it’s one job well is worth it’s weight in gold. When it’s a free application, it has even more value. PushBullet this week announced a new application for Android devices called Portal.

Portal App From Pushbullet

Portal has one function. It allows users to pair their phone with their computer and it allows files to be moved from that computer to that mobile device. Files, music, even some video are easily transferred with an easy drag and drop. The files will even go into an appropriate folder. Music will go into it’s proper place. Photos will go where they belong. Everything for me seems to work exactly how it’s supposed to work.

The set up is simple. Just by going to on your browser, then scanning the QR code with your phone, that connection is made. Once those files are located, dragged, and dropped, you’ll see a transfer UI then the files will show almost instantly on the phone.

Once those files are transferred, it’s easy to share those items with others. With Android’s rich user experience, I’m able to share photos or files as attachments with a variety of services on my phone like GMail, Dropbox, Drive, etc. The simple interface makes it a great solution for anyone that needs to move files quickly towards their mobile device.

This is one of those applications that would get used rarely but would come in very handy if it was installed. I’m keeping it on my devices in case I ever need to quickly grab some files and take them with me. Sure I could just as easily load files into my Google Drive and go, but sometimes I am that lazy. So kudos to PushBullet for indulging me. Do check out Portal and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Pushbullet Blog

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