I don’t know about you, but I love when classic games are re-made into a modern package. It isn’t always easy to play the games of your past any other way. A lot of us don’t have our old systems, some of you sold them at a garage sale and some of us (me) had their original Nintendo thrown in the garbage by their step-dad without asking. So when games of my past are available on current platforms, I get excited. One game that was released not to long ago: “Disney’s Castle Of Illusion” is currently on sale in the Windows Phone Store for $4.99 USD.

What is very interesting about this price drop is that it’s iOS and Android counter-parts are still at the full price of $9.99. This kind of price difference will hush the whispers we hear that Windows Phone applications are more expensive than the App-Store or Google Play. While Castle Of Illusion is not an Xbox title (that would be cool) it is still a big, classic game, that you can take anywhere with you. There is no telling when the price will come back up, so if you were even remotely interested in the title, pick it up while it’s a hot potato.

In Castle Of Illusion you star as Mickey Mouse (and not the mean south park version of Mickey) as he makes his way through a treacherous castle. An evil witch named Mizrabel has kidnapped your main squeeze Minnie Mouse. If you haven’t noticed by her last name, yes, she is Mickey’s wife. Mickey can’t live without Minnie, they go together like peas and more peas. So he enters the Castle Of Illusion to retrieve her. The game is a platformer with very easy controls. Everything has been re imagined in an HD way that we have grown so accustomed to.

I personally would love this to become a trend as I would happily pay to have my favorite games of the past be available anywhere I do. The technology is so much more advanced these days that it can easily happen. So head to the Windows Phone store and pick yourself up a download, while it lasts that is.

Windows Phone Store: Disney’s Castle Of Illusion $4.99

Google Play Store: Disney’s Castle Of Illusion $9.99

AppStore: Disney’s Castle Of Illusion $9.99

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