If you are at all on the fence about Destiny, there should be no qualms about it now, if you still have a last gen console, like the PS3 or XBox360. Why you ask? Because Bungie is counting on the fact that you will love the game, and they are suggesting there is a high probability folks will be upgrading to the next gen consoles around the holiday season. How do I know this? Well the redemption period ends January 15th, 2015, which would suggest as such.

There are two versions of the game available digitally, the base game and the Guardian Edition. If you buy the Guardian Edition, you get additional content (when it becomes available), and it will save you $5 over the Expansion Pass and the base game separately. So, if you jump on to XBox Live, or PSN, you’ll be able to purchase and download directly to your PS3 or XBox360, the digital copy of Destiny of your choosing. Play it for as long as you want, as your character, gear, inventory and achievements are transferable to the next gen console.

Bungie Guardians Destiny

Once you’ve purchased your PS4 or XBox One, you can login to the appropriate network and select your previous purchases (or the actual content page) and add the item to your cart, complete the transaction and it will begin downloading. Please note, this does not work cross platform, so if you buy it for XBox 360 and decide to go to PS4, the game will not transfer.

I’ll give you my quick synopsis of this game. Bungie has done the unthinkable and has made an FPS that I enjoy. I’m mostly terrible at them unless I’m using a keyboard and mouse. And only then am I good; not even great. The fact of the matter is, when you add MMO style play to something, I’m going to like it infinitely more, because I have some control over not being terrible, i.e. better gear. There are stat points to fill, weapons to upgrade, and gear to dismantle.

Bungie Destiny Venus 2

Although I’ve put more hours into this game already than any other FPS I’ve owned, I don’t feel badly about it because it is just good fun. I suggest you watch some videos on it, and let me know if you, like me, are going to take advantage of this free upgrade.

Source: Destiny Next Gen Upgrade

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