Collecting data and sensitive information on your business network is probably something you do on a daily basis. Many inexperienced business owners fail to realize just how vulnerable their network is until it is too late. Each year, data hacks cost businesses in the United States over $2 million dollars. Usually, these hacks start with a virus being downloaded to the network by an unsuspecting employee or business owner.

The first line of defense against this type of attack is adequate antivirus software. Using programs like Intrusta Antivirus will allow you to detect threats on your business network and eliminate them before they do any damage.

Read below to find out why having virus protection software on your business network is a good idea.

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Avoid The Pain Of Losing Valuable Data

If you collect sensitive data from your clients, then keeping it protected is essential. Allowing this data fall into the wrong hands will lead to a host of problems. One of the biggest trends in the world of computer hacking is known as ransomware.

Hackers will infiltrate a business network with the help of a virus and then take over all of the files on it. Once this happens, they will demand a business pay a ransom to unlock this information. Usually, the files on a network that has been taken over by ransomware will be lost forever. The only way to avoid this problem is by investing in state-of-the-art virus protection.

Lower Productivity Levels Can Affect Your Bottom Line

For most business owners, keeping their employees productive is one of their main priorities. If your team relies heavily on your business network to get their job done, keeping it virus-free is a must. Dealing with a virus outbreak on your network will generally bring productivity levels to a grinding halt.

The only way to get the virus removed is by calling in IT professionals, which may take a while. If you want to avoid these lulls in productivity, then the only option is great virus protection software.

Before choosing a virus protection program to use, be sure to read the reviews it has. Generally, these reviews will provide you with information about how well the program works and how easy it is to use. Once you have this information, selecting the right program will be a breeze.

Avoid The Dangers of Phishing Attacks

When a third party or hacker attempts to coerce information about your network from employees, it is referred to as phishing. In most cases, these scams will be disguised as emails from unknown senders. Having a virus protection program in place will allow you to avoid these spam emails and the scams they are trying to perpetrate.

Adequately educating your staff about the dangers of opening unknown emails and providing sensitive information to strangers is a must. By taking the time to go over the basics of network security with your staff, you can avoid the fallout from being hacked.

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Keep Your Staff Safe While They Are Online

Most businesses use the power of the internet to connect with customers from around the world. While your employees are online, they may mistakenly visit websites that are filled with viruses. If you do not have adequate protection in place, these websites can put a lot of unwanted viruses on your network.

A comprehensive virus protection program will scan the sites your team goes on to ensure they are safe. If they are not safe, the software will usually send a warning message to the user about the problems they have detected.

Keeping your virus protection software updated is the only way to keep hackers at bay. The money invested in this type of protection will definitely pay off in the long run.

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