On November 29th, 2016 it became possible to enjoy a game from inside Facebook Messenger and New Feed, and this page is going to look at which are the best.

Of course using your smartphone for entertainment is not a new concept as there are numerous games to enjoy via your mobile device some just for fun and others like the All Jackpots site, one of the classiest, fun and entertaining online casinos available today.

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Why Is Gaming Via Your Smartphone So Popular?

It’s almost ten years since the first generation iPhone was launched, and since then technology has advanced substantially as well as devices becoming more and more portable, availability of a WI-FI connection is both wider and faster.

These advancements mean that you can access your favourite game where or whenever you are knowing that is not going to crash plus you will be enjoying yourself in full HD. There is also speculation that the next generation of iPhone will have and OLED screen so screen resolution will be even better.

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So What Can You Play Using Facebook Messenger?

There are old classics to play via Facebook Messenger like Space Invaders and Pac-man plus you can have a go at more modern games like Words with Friend and EverWing. In all there were 17 titles launched with more to follow.

  • EverWing is a vertical scrolling shooter game where you fly through hordes of enemies having a fine old time shooting down those bad bosses.
  • Not one of our favourites on messenger, Pac-Man is difficult to control and we usually got eaten up by the ghosts. If this is going to work well and become totally addictive then Facebook needs to keep its promise and make the controls far more reliable.
  • Many played Words With Friends on Facebook and this fast-paced version of Zyngas’ transferred well to messenger.  Totally frustrating for some, highly addictive for others.
  • Arkanoid is very similar to the popular, classic game of Breakout.  Arkanoid has power-ups and it’s a big like a game of one player Pong.  Bounce the ball of your paddle to destroy the brricks in your way. Again the touch controls don’t help the game any, but its still playable and fun.
  • We enjoyed Zookeeper as it’s fun to play mainly because of the insults given out by the zoo’s boss when you flunk your tasks. Well worth giving it a go on a dull day.
  • Endless Lake is pretty cool to look at.  To play you tap to jump over the pits.  The game is fast moving and worth trying out, by far the prettiest of the Instant Games.
  • Space Invaders, the game that everyone has either played or knows someone who did. The game transfers over to the mobile really well and just like its arcade version its pretty much addictive from the first.
  • Wordalot combine the classic game of scrabble together with crosswords puzzles. To play you have to make words that relate to the picture you are shown. With no time limit, this is a great brain teaser to take to work with you on the train.

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