With each new year that comes, investors and traders need to re-evaluate their plans and strategies. The financial sector is constantly growing and evolving, so you can never know for sure what is to come in term of predictions. As always, foreign markets are a viable option, but so are domestic ventures.

Signing up for a Forex practice account right now to master the necessary skills is a good idea, given the incredible evolution that is expected in the financial sector in 2018. But knowing where to buy stocks is as important as testing out strategies beforehand. So, what should we put our money on this year?

Where The Money’s At

While some fields are expected to continue their growth since last years, others seem to be in the books for a major financial recovery, which might mean that buying stocks now for a low price will result in gains later on. So, without further ado, here are a few ideas on new profitable investments for 2018.

Dubai Stocks And Properties

With the crash of oil prices last year, future economic prospects for Arab countries looked grim. But 2018 is bound to bring a recovery for big oil, which consequently will raise the value of Dubai stocks and properties through the roof once more. However, you shouldn’t wait around for that to happen.

Purchasing properties around town now while the market is at floor level means that you will get some incredibly advantageous prices. And with accommodations still being at luxury tier, renting to tourists may just become your new source of income for the current time period.

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Gold And Silver

Esteemed British publication The Guardian details how 2017 has been the best year gold has seen on the market since 2010. This has led local UK mining company Randgold Resources to experience a 15.5% growth in value. And precious metals are expected to do just as well, if not better, in 2018.

All good investors know that having some gold as disaster insurance is essential. Combine what with the possibility of a Bitcoin-style bubble surrounding it this year and you’ve got a sure profit on your hands. As for silver, given that the current price is low, acquiring it now and waiting for retailers to pick up the baton again might be beneficial.

Junior stocks for the two are an alternative for seasoned traders only because they are as hard to handle as they are profitable in the long run. Still, getting your hands on some of those ETFs will ensure that you gain money whenever the prices for precious metals start moving upwards.

Technology And Healthcare

Renowned investors and portfolio managers for various major companies had their say at the annual Fortune Magazine roundtable discussion and they agreed that buying shares technology and emerging healthcare companies is still as relevant in 2018 as it was last year. While opinions still slightly differ, the consensus is that these fields are bound to grow even more.

While it’s too late to get on board with big names such as Alibaba, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon (unless you’ve got the money for it, of course), there are still plenty of up and coming players to be considered, especially in healthcare. Vertex, Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific or PerkinElmer are but a few assumptions on where the tech money will be this year.

Vietnam And South Korea

According to U.S. News, going international with your assets this following year is a good idea because global economies are expected to continue their economic growth successfully. And we all know that Asian countries lead the charts in this field, so which are the best for 2018 investments? Well, all data points to Vietnam and South Korea.

The youth in Vietnam is inspired by new ambition their parents before them did not have. For this reason, the country has grown to be a lot more stable than the neighboring Thailand, which is why all the major Chinese companies of the moment are moving their means of production as wages rise.

South Korea, on the other hand, is destabilized by conflict with the totalitarian North, despite Kim Jong-un’s recent statements promoting open negotiations between the two countries. This is why equities for major companies located there might be going for cheap soon, so you might want to consider jumping in.

Properties In Eastern Europe

When it comes to prospects of economic growth for 2018, Eastern Europe’s look twice as good than those of Western countries, and four times as promising in comparison to the United Kingdom, who is still shaking in the aftermath of Brexit. Thus, buying properties in the capital cities of the countries located here is a promising plan.

It’s no secret that flourishing economies bring higher rates of tourism along with them. Thus, owning an apartment in the heart of an up and coming city will bring you incredible profit. The best choice still is and has always been Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which has been preferred destination for years now.

But this also means that properties in this particular city are more expensive, so if you want to gain major profits, the neighboring Romania is a good investment, and not only due to its capital city, Bucharest. Cluj-Napoca, a prolific metropolis located in the northwestern part of Romania, is an up and coming tourist hub which shows great promise for foreign traders.

And as oil and gas prices rise, Russia is bound to come on strong and regain its status as a major player in the world’s economy once more. Moscow is already growing faster than ever, so 2018 might just be the year this happens in.


While fields such as precious metals, technology, and healthcare will continue their curve of ascension in 2018, others such as oil and silver might make a strong comeback. And if you’re more of a property-based investor, then Dubai and Easter Europe are your best choices this year.

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