Microsoft 70-462 exam is important to the IT professionals who want to be able to accomplish several tasks related to the databases of Microsoft SQL server 2012/2014. The successful candidates of Microsoft 70-462 exam are awarded with a certification which is aimed to prove their knowledge and technical expertise useful in the administration of Microsoft SQL server.

Microsoft 70-462 exam helps individuals to enhance his or her skills related to administration of MS SQL server and further his or her career in the IT field. Microsoft 70-462 exam acts as the stepping stone towards MCSA or MCSE certifications.The exam actually paves your way towards high paying jobs in the IT industry.This exam is one of the most challenging exams administered by Microsoft. The exam requires a lot of dedication. In fact, the exam requires a lot of preparation as well as studying so as to attain a good passing score.The exam is intended to measure individual’s capabilities in performing technical tasks such as installation,the configuration of SQL server, maintenance of instances and databases, data management, security implementation, implementation of high availability and data optimization as well as troubleshooting. So as to pass Microsoft 70-462 certification exam, an individual should acquire the excellent study resources such as series tutorials, articles, practice exams, books, study guides etc. which are relevant to this exam.

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Intended Audience For Microsoft 70-462 Certification Exam

  • The IT professionals who are interested in gaining MCSA or MCSE certifications.
  • Database professionals who carry out installation, maintenance as well as the configuration of tasks.

Requirements Of Microsoft 70-462 Certification Exam

The candidates of Microsoft 70-462 exam should have a basic understanding of the installation, maintenance, and configuration of a database.Individuals interested to take this exam should be knowledgeable on TSQL as well as JavaScript. It is also recommended for the candidates of 70-462 exam to have awareness about the RDMS.

Skills Examined

The skills that are tested in Microsoft 70-462 exam include the following:

  • Installation and configuration of SQL server (25-25 percent)
  • Maintenance of instances as well as databases (15-20 percent)
  • Optimization as well as troubleshooting (15-20 percent)
  • Data management (20-25 percent)
  • Security implementation (15-20 percent)
  • Implementation of high availability (5-10 percent)

The percentages show the relative weight of the main topics covered on Microsoft 70-462 exam. The lower the percent, the fewer the questions an individual is likely to find in the content area covered on the exam.  

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are very important to every individual who want to pass Microsoft 70-462 exam. They contain detailed information regarding the exam objectives. The tutorials can be accessed online. They provide individuals with knowledge as well as skills necessary for the performance of several technical tasks related to SQL serverand passingMicrosoft 70-462 exam.The individuals awaiting to sit Microsoft 70-462 exam can access videos on Youbtube, Udemy or CBTnuggets websites whichhave the contents tested in the exam:

Candidates preparing for Microsoft 70-462 exam are advised to use the video tutorials provided in the links above while studying for their exam. Candidates can also look for other series tutorialsand videos available on the internet which have information concerning70-462 examand use them as well to prepare for the exam.

Exam Details As Well As Question Types

  • The exam duration is usually two hours.
  • The price of the exam is usually $ 165.
  • The passing score of the exam is 700 out of 1000.
  • The number of questions ranges between 45 and 55.
  • Exam questions can be either in single or multiple choices.

The Books An Individual Can Read To Pass Microsoft 70-462 Exam

There are several books covering the contents tested in Microsoft 70-462 exam. The books are among the best study materials recommended for candidates who want todo excellently in the exam. Even though the books are really good, none of them covers the exam objectives a hundred percent. The links below provide some books containing information relevant to Microsoft 70-462 exam:

The candidates awaiting to sit Microsoft 70-462 exam should utilize the books available in the links aboveas they are capable of contributing towards their success in the exam.

Microsoft 70-462 Exam Pass Tips

  • It is recommended for an individual to study widely to have a complete knowledge of all the topics tested in each exam subjective category.
  • Candidates for this exam are advised to read several study materials and participate in practical exercises relevant to this exam.
  • Setting target score in the main exam is very important for every candidate of this exam. The target score enables an individual to work very hard towards achieving the set target.
  • Candidates of this exam should be very fast when answering questions so as to be able to complete the exam in the time provided.
  • Individuals awaiting to sit the exam are encouraged to adjust their daily schedules and fix a temporarily study timetable. They should ensure they have adequate time to carry out their studies.
  • Studies need to be carried in a quiet environment. This will improve an individual’slevel of understandingthe concepts tested in the exam.
  • It is important for the candidates of this exam to read carefully the instructions provided in the exam material so as to know what is exactly required from them before answering the questions.
  • It is advisable for the individuals awaiting to sit this exam to get relaxed and worry less before and after the certification exam. Worrying will definitely affect your thinking capacity and this may lead to poor performance.

Certification Practice Exams

Practice exams of Microsoft 70-462 prepare candidates adequately as they usually have questions similar to those which are tested in the real exam. Through these exams, individuals are able to learn how to approach different questions and answer them appropriately. Individuals preparing for Microsoft 70-462 exam are advised to utilize as many practice test as possible so as to become familiar with the questions that are likely to be tested in the main exam.Candidates can access the links below for some practice tests:


Passing Microsoft 70-462 exam is one of the ways to showcase your abilities in the administration of the SQL server. The exam is actually a prerequisite for the Microsoft SQL server MCSA certification. The exam helps an individual to develop outstanding skills required so as to become a SQL server database administrator. Individuals awaiting to take Microsoft 70-462 exam should look for the best studying resources relevant to this exam and read them thoroughly so as to achieve their goal of passing the exam. Candidates for this exam should also ensure they implement the practical exercises as they will help them to pass the exam and are also important for their successful career in IT.

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