A great deal was made of Apple’s declining revenues last year, even though this did little to impact on the brands overall growth or profitability. In fact, the disappointing nature of the iOS 9 was perhaps more of a concern, as it hinted at a sense of complacency and an underlying lack of ideas.

The iOS 10 represented an improvement on this, and one which will drive the upcoming iPhone 8 later this year. So, while some may be thinking about trading in their handset for the current iPhone 7, its probably worth the wait to see exactly what the newest model will offer.

A Speculative Look At The iPhone 8: What Design Elements Have Yet To Be Confirmed?

According to some sources, Apple have yet to fully confirm the aesthetic design of the iPhone 8. The most recent prototype included a flat screen with cover glass that curves into a steel frame, providing an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the latest Galaxy handsets. This varied from earlier leaks, which suggested that Apple would use a thinner band to expose more of the curved glass, or even return to the dramatic curves boasted by the original 2007 iPhone.

The latter was initially presented as a nod to the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, but the fact that any of these details have yet to be confirmed highlights that Apple are not sure of the final design elements. One thing that we should expect is for the iPhone 8 to pay some form of homage to the 2007 original, whether this is through the use of dramatic curves or the return of a large aluminium back (the latter is far more likely due to production issues and time constraints).

As well as looking back, Apple is also casting an eye to the future with the iPhone 8. More specifically, the brand is experimenting with the integration of a fingerprint sensor into the screen, although initial reports suggest that designers are struggling with the underlying technology. This means that it may have come too early for the iPhone 8, making it a feature that is more likely to make its debut next year.

Will Apple Reinvent the iPhone Camera?

Arguably the biggest point of interest is the evolution of the iPhone’s camera feature, which has lost ground on the most recent Samsung and Sony handsets. According to rumors, the brand is testing various prototypes with vertical dual-lens rear and front cameras, that latter of which would be integrated into the screen. We are more likely to see the former in this device, although this technology may well lay the foundation for 3d facial recognition and iris scanning in future devices.

While these features remain under discussion, for now the exact nature of the iPhone 8 and its value proposition remain a mystery. We are sure that the new device will doff its cap to the original iPhone, of course, while there is also likely to be a significant upgrade of Apple’s existing camera technology. We also expect the handset to be released a little later than its usual autumn date, due to ongoing supply issues and the determination of these crucial design elements.

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