Music is not the same these days. Instead of running out to buy a record, most people purchase albums online or use a music streaming service of some kind. By now, there are many services to choose from. My goal in the next coming week is to find the perfect music streaming service for me. So we want to know: Do you pay monthly for music streaming?

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Below is a list of what we feel are the most talked about paid music streaming services available and their respective prices:

  • Spotify $9.99/Month
  • Google Play Music All Access $9.99/Month
  • iTunes Radio $24.99/Year
  • Pandora $3.99/Month
  • Xbox Music $9.99/Month
  • Beats Music $9.99/Month

While I know we have not included other very popular services, these just seem to be the headliners. A lot of these options have a free version where you can still listen to music often, like Spotify and Pandora. It also seems that the Go-To price for a service is $9.99 USD. Which service you chose slightly depends on what devices you use. For instance Google Play Music All Access is only available on iOS or Android. While Beats Music and Spotify, is available cross-platform.

As far as our team is concerned, here is some insight into what our Editors specifically use and how they feel about music streaming services in general:

Cliff Wade (Chief Editor/Founder)

No, I don’t pay for a streaming music service and as long as the internet exists, I never will. I know this sounds like I’m totally for piracy(and to a degree I am, but I don’t feel it should be pushed on people) I am about listening to music for free on the internet. There are many ways to do this, as there are search engines that can find you most anything, or more specifically there’s YouTube. While at home, I exclusively use iHeartRadio, as it has what I like and what I want, and again, it’s free.

I don’t look down on anyone who pays for a streaming music service either, as for some it’s necessary. For me, when I’m mobile, I don’t have time to stream music because I’m usually at work, and others there stream music, or I’m in my vehicle with the radio playing. I have in the past used Spotify, but that’s when it first came to the USA, and at the time they didn’t have a paid Linux version, so I used the free version, which was more than enough for me. I no longer use Spotify because of the fact that I discovered iHeartRadio and use that now.

Jeff Trocchio (Senior Editor)

I use Google Play Music as I got it when it was $7.99/mo on launch. The seemingly reasonable price and extensive library were the draw. The ability of the service to stream on my phone, Chromebook and PC are enough for me, although it will be the first to go when there are more expenses. Initially, the service was terrible and it constantly stuttered on my 100Mbps cable connection. Over time it has gotten better although the playlists leave something to be desired.

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So do you pay for any of these services? Do you only pay for streaming and you don’t buy albums anymore? Do you think $10 is too much to pay a month for this type of service? Take our poll below and also comment with which service you use and why. Each one has a different design and feature set, so we are interested in what our readers use the most…or not at all.

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