VR (virtual reality) technology isn’t clamped in borders of new fascinating fantasy. No, virtual reality is conquering network masterfully and systematically. Virtual and live casino developers not only promise but they offer a product on the market which attracts gamblers of all age groups. Thus, their experience is not so important. Something is found for everyone.

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Should We Fear The Virtual World And What Should We Expect from It?

For certain, you have ever read the articles about live casino with live dealer. But let’s be honest. This is a drop in the ocean, a scanty part of gambling with a virtual reality effect which can appear in the nearest future.

Network game is not just a mechanics which was made for the certain goals. Now, the game process becomes more difficult and relies on the social elements. Realistic experiences and emotions which you can share with a loved one. Exactly this is taken out by developers to the forefront.

These changes can radically change the scheme of the interaction between gambler and the games. The same casino with live dealer where every single player is restricted by the few possible actions now will become a poor excuse of the gambling house with a virtual reality effect where the opportunities to read the opponent’s bluff will be opened to the gamblers.

New technologies will not only change live casino games where the game process is made by the live dealer but they will change the perception of the games for example roulette where the simple mathematical randomness is on the forefront.

Today, the Oculus Rift DK2 glasses are a top device for transition into the virtual world. They as much as possible immerse you in so attractive game’s world.

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Vital Need

Gambler’s transfer from the land based casino to the network games was accompanied by the “victims”. They had to refuse the personal interaction for the comfort (we will not list the advantages of online games one more time). When we speak about slot machines or video poker these losses are reduced to minimum in fact.

Quite another matter is a board games. Initially, transferring to the network has deprived them that singular charm and atmosphere. Live casino has changed a situation a little but… Alex Dreyfus the general director of Global Poker League more than once focused attention that poker gives in because it could be transformed completely under the modern needs.

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