One of the main loud acquisition of the last year was a purchase of the startup Oculus VR by Facebook Company for unbelievable 2 billion of dollars. At that time (and now) Oculus VR hadn’t still presented the commercial version of the product. And symbolic Oculus Rift was at the testing stage. It shows that Facebook stakes to the virtual reality which can soon become so important thing as this social network is.

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Though, Facebook is coming to tell everyone how the company is planning to use this Oculus Rift device they are not single who is thinking over about this strategy. Gambling and casino industry staff has also looked closely at the virtual reality context. And not for nothing, because it can significantly change land based and online casino industry.

Lots of famous experts suppose that when Oculus Rift appears on the shop’s shelves casino will be able one of the first to show example how it is possible to use this device.

Traditional Game

If you have ever visited land based casino you probably noticed how fast slot machines have changed. Representing just set of drums with a payments lines earlier they please the gamblers by its animated bonuses, great number of gambling and even by 3D graphics today. And this is probably a main reason why slot machines continue to dominate at the market.

Of course, it can be seemed that slot machines have already been situated on the advanced stage and virtual reality can hardly suppose to them something. But it is not a truth. Today, you still have standard operating controls: touchscreen and few buttons. The rules have changed due to the virtual reality. Actually, the rules have disappeared.

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Imagine for example slot machine of the Wild West topic. You can make a spin and get magic symbols which are transfer you into the bonus game. Instead of the touching the display you are walking through the abandoned village street in the reality, shoot into the robbers who appear in the doorways, windows and from behind of barrels.

Just a few the robbers you have shot determines the scoring of the bonus game in casino. The difference is enormous. Virtual reality offers immersive expressions i.e. it creates an alternative reality where your actions influence to the payments and the only restriction is a developer’s imagination.

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