There is really no shortcut for passing a certification exam or any examination for that matter. You need to devote time and be diligent in your study. The PMI PMP certification exam is a difficult test that requires months of extensive study. There are so many areas to cover and lots of materials to learn. It is not about theoretical study alone, you have to invest time to master the practical application of what you have studied. You do not have to worry though, with the right guidance and effort on your part, you will be able to master all the course contents and be ready to write the exam within months.

Before you commence your study, it is important to review the course objectives as well as the materials you will be required to cover. First, go through the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide and understand what you are expected to learn in the course of your preparation. You should also go through your prep book for more understanding of the scope of the course. This will enable you to arrange the information and plan your study in a systematic way.

So, when you have done all the preambles, the next step is to sit down and focus on your study. As mentioned earlier, you need to dedicate enough time to your study and be very strategic in your preparation. Below are some of the exam tips that you can use to help you prepare and write the PMP examination and come out with great scores.

Study The PMBOK Guide And Understand It To The Letter

Your PMI PMP certification exam is mostly based on the PMBOK Guide and you will do well to study it. Use it to your advantage and make the book your blueprint for exam preparation. Develop a plan to study at least one knowledge area of the book within one week. You should not leave your study till the weekend; rather break down the different components of each knowledge area and draw up a time table to deal with each component every day. At the end of the week, you can then review everything you have studied for the week and take practice questions to test your knowledge base on what you have read before moving to the next knowledge area. It is important that you understand all concepts and know them by heart. Don’t just memorize the concepts, understand everything about them and know how they work.

There are other study materials that you can use as supplement to the PMBOK Guide. However, before you pick any other study material, make sure you study every part of the book and understand the content. This will improve your knowledge base on each of the topics so that when you pick other study materials, it will be easier for you to understand and retain the knowledge. It is important that you use the latest version of the PMBOK Guide for your study.

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Invest In A Good PMI PMP Prep Book

It is crucial that you use a PMP textbook for your exam preparation. You can check out books authored by Andy Crowe and Rita Mulcahy. They have some of the best PMP books that will be of great help to your study. There is no doubting the fact that the certification exam is designed with complex questions that are meant to test your skills, knowledge and ability to apply your understanding on difficult real life scenarios. The prep books contain different real life scenarios and how you can handle the questions on them. Having a prep book ensures that you have comprehensive resources to study for the exam.

Use Online PMI PMP Exam Simulator

The exam simulators are PMP practice exam questions that are hosted at online platform. They function by presenting users with test questions that are in alignment with the same standards as the real certification exam. They are also structured to duplicate the actual exam environment so that the candidate can become comfortable with the exam pressure as well as the timing of the exam. Online exam simulators are an excellent way to know your level of preparation and deal with your weak areas.

Use Flash Cards

Using flash cards is a great way to study for your certification exam. Regular electronic or paper flash cards are very cost effective way of preparing for your test. You can download flash cards and use them on your mobile phone or your computer. You can also print them out and have them with you on the go. Apart from using downloadable flash cards, you can also create your own. Creating your personal flash cards is highly recommended because you know areas where you need to improve and you can use your flash cards to manage this.

Join Discussion Forums And Study Groups

Discussion forums and study groups will be of immense help as you prepare for your certification exam. By being active on such platforms, you learn from others and you also help others in areas where they are having difficulties. Discussion forums and study group offers a win-win situation for all participants in the group. You get to learn from others and others will also learn from you. It is important to be careful when joining a group. Many people who have written the exam and failed have the tendency to show up on such groups to leave negative comments about the exam. There are also some others that will provide inaccurate information. It is therefore essential for you to know how to filter information. The great way to do this is to always back check any information you gather from such platforms.


The PMI PMP certification exam requires tremendous effort and discipline. You need to plan your study in such a way as to cover all bases. The PMBOK Guide is an integral part of your study and you must dedicate enough time to its study. Although the examination is not solely about the book but the guide has a great influence on the content of the exam. You will therefore do well to study it.

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