While the modern era has been a new age for streamlining and maintaining healthy business practices, it is safe to say that many companies are still under-utilizing the benefits that advances in technology have to offer. As more businesses begin to prefer small, close knit teams as opposed to full workforces, it brings into question how these upstarts are gaining significant traction over their larger, more established competitors.

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So, how do they do it?

New companies and entrepreneurs newly beginning their trek into the business world likely have knowledge of what digital strategies will be useful to them as they begin. This allows them to circumnavigate the ever changing world of brands, enterprises and economics in a way that older companies cannot so easily achieve.

However, while being born into the digital age may give you a boost in the current landscape, those that are currently playing catch up still have the chance to benefit from all the sights, sounds and services, assuming that they are willing to put in the extra effort, and develop with the times.

A Little Help…

While managed IT services can seem overly luxurious for many smaller businesses, they are a simple, effective way to keep your business’s servers running flawlessly. For larger companies running through online platforms, IT issues can mean a seemingly unavoidable loss of time, effort, and manpower that is going to cost you money.

With an external company managing your information technology, you will have experts assisting you with data recovery, backups, technical user support, and a range of other services that are integral to the uninterrupted workflow of businesses.

The Virtues Of Virtual

For businesses that want to give the impression of a global presence, with the benefits of a localized team, there is a solution.

An oddity in the business landscape across the world, virtual offices are to businesses what digital funds are to money, as while they don’t physically exist, they are an online representation of a tangible counterpart. With a comprehensive service spanning phone redirection, a professional address, and access to meeting rooms to name just a smattering of perks, these cyberspace solutions are a perfect way to widen the net of your business, and connect with clientele in ways that would otherwise be out of reach for smaller companies.

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Within The Cloud

Cloud sharing has been an enormous step forward for businesses of all sizes, as they allow a simple, fast and reliable transfer of work that can be shared instantaneously across a variety of groups and individuals. With this in mind, it is still true that many companies have neglected to utilise these systems for the improved productivity of their team.

For those that are unaware of what cloud sharing means, it is the process of storing information in a data pool, usually managed by a hosting company, that can be freely accessed by those who have the permission to do so. This means that you are able to gather information and work without exerting time and effort trying to orchestrate other forms of data transfer and recovery.

While it may be the case that smaller, enclosed teams have their own streamlined means of data transfer that works for them, companies rarely work in vacuums, and being able to share and collaborate on work with other teams across the globe is practically a necessity for market growth.

In the end, the main thing that we are attempting to convey is that, while digital platforms may be new to more established companies, there is a plethora of beneficial services that can only be found by familiarizing yourself with this world. Productivity management isn’t something that comes without effort, but if you are willing to face new technologies head on, it is sure to pay off in the long term.

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