Finally, in 2016 the consumers were able to get their hands on the unique experience provided by the augmented and virtual reality. Read further about the top emerging trends and prepare to feel something different with the VR/AR Technology.

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Test VR For Free

Consumers can try the capabilities of the virtual reality headset by visiting sponsored events. It is completely free to visit a sponsored experience and test the new technology. According to analysts, people would be very interested in paying for the virtual and augmented reality, once they are able to test everything it provides.

VR/AR Hardware

2016 promised some amazing hardware including Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s HoloLens, HTC Vive and the headsets for Sony Playstation & Xbox One. They were able to deliver these amazing products and for 2017 we predict new unbelievable content and updated versions.Currently, Most of these products are offered at very high prices between $599 and $3,000.

Of course, there are some more accessible units such as Samsung’s GearVR for $99.99 and Google’s Cardboard that can be yours for free or as little as $1.50. Obviously, these products won’t provide you with the same quality and functionality, but you can at least see what virtual reality looks like. The low price helped Google to sell more than five million Cardboard sets in a very short period of time.

AR/VR Content

For a consumer to experience the real magic of the virtual reality, he must enjoy a broad range of content including games, e-commerce experiences, media and even user generated content.

Even the fanciest headset for virtual reality is nothing more than plastic without the unique content offered by developers. It seems that virtual and augmented reality will take center stage in 2017.

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Of course, the first companies who started creating applications for the new technology were from the video game industry. People believed that AR/VR was connected mainly with games. However, we must look beyond that because it has much more to offer.

This year, Youtube released its 360 video channel, why Verizon decided to bring Huffington’s Post news in VR. It remains to be seen whether Google Play, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are going to offer their own virtual reality platforms.

The Change Of Professional Sports

It is believed that the future of athletes and spectators is connected with the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality. These two technologies can improve training, analytics and amazing viewer’s experience in high-definition.

In fact, Tampa Bay Rays and Dallas Cowboys are already training with VR/AR systems for better results. Things are changing for spectators away. NCAA Final Four was live streamed in virtual reality as well as the United States Open Gold Tournament in 2015.

Imagine that you can visit a derby game at Camp Nou or Santiago Bernabeu. What about Allianz Arena or Stamford Bridge? There aren’t any seats available, but what if you can put your headset on, buy a virtual seat and watch the game live at the same moment as if you are right there?

Pokemon Go Shows That AR Has A Future

For only two weeks, more than 20 million active users were playing Pokemon Go on a daily basis. In the United States, the app surpassed Twitter as the most used daily, and people spend even more than on this game than on Facebook. It seems that virtual and augmented reality are the new hot trend and it’s going to be that way for years to come.

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