Australian technology company Plox has finally broken the ironclad shell of Disney’s legal endorsement team and secured an approved endorsement of their new product, The Death Star Levitating Speaker. This floating Bluetooth speaker is the first of it’s kind to be endorsed by Disney, and it has the audio chops to go along with that much sought-after proverbial thumbs-up. With a 5 hour battery life, you can listen all day to your favorite tunes, or even get through a couple of the Star Wars movies with the sound rumbling from deep within the death star ominously floating beside your laptop or TV.

Disney Death Star Image 1

The speaker is also wireless, and connects via Bluetooth to your laptop, phone, tablet or music device, allowing access to all kinds of users, and not restricting it based on what brand your phone or tablet is, or what operating system it runs on. Furthermore, the speaker placement within the Death Star allows for a full 360 degree amplification of sound, so you don’t have all of your audio blasting off in one direction, like the Death Star’s planet-destroying laser.

All of this formidable technology comes to fruition by the efforts of the dedicated design team at Plox conceptualising a way to make the shell of the speaker float above any surface without using a huge amount of power, and they managed to finalize this design concept without using any power at all. The base holds a magnet which does not interfere with the electronics of the speaker itself, and this magnet repulses a second magnet held in the body of the Death Star, causing it to effortlessly and eerily suspend itself above the base, in just the same way the Death Star floated in space. This uses absolutely no power, and as the magnetic base operates on one of the principles of physics, it won’t ever stop levitating the Death Star.

Disney Death Star Image 2

The base can also be left at home and the speaker portion of the unit can be used separate to the base as a portable battery powered wireless speaker, although without the base the unit will not float in the air. While there have been many kinds of Star Wars branded audio devices, none of them have had this unparalleled design feature, and none of them have been authorized to represent Disney’s authentic merchandise. With the release of The Force Awakens, the general public’s interest in the Star Wars movies surged again to its old heights atop the ratings ladder- a position that made it the stuff of cinematic legends. Since 1977, Star Wars has been a giant among giants in the film world, and the renewal of the series by Disney has caused both a positive and negative uproar in the online community, with fans on both sides of the fence either for or against the new trilogy.

However, since the release of The Force Awakens, there are many more “for” the new films than “against”, and tensions grow high with the approaching release date of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. In the center of all of this chaos, Plox’s speaker rolls off the production line just in time for the holiday season this year, and despite the considerable price tag of $249, it seems set to take the market by storm and become a long-standing choice for Star Wars enthusiasts everywhere.

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