Die-hard gamers demand quality when it comes to their gaming experience. This standard also holds true when it comes to mobile gaming. What do you look for in a phone in regards to gaming features? Answering this question is paramount to determining if we have found the phone that is worthy of being considered the best for gaming. Here we will detail the criteria, as well as, the phone that meets the qualifications to be called the best for gaming.


In the following sections, we will focus on the leading devices for gaming. We will compare the critical specifications of each for those devices. Once we take a close look at the criteria, we will determine what device is the best for gaming.

Screen Size

Since the most crucial part about gaming is the visual quality of the game. The size of the screen has a great deal to do with how good a game looks. The iPhone XS Max features a display that measures 6.5 inches. This beats out the 6.4-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Resolution is the true quality indicator for the screen display. The resolution information tells how many pixels (dots) make up the entire screen. The decision is displayed in width by height (width x height) format. Both the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have resolutions of 2960×1440. While the sizes are evenly matched, the programmers behind the iOS app development creations have long been focused on providing superior gaming visuals.


In the RAM department the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, has the edge over the iPhone XS Max. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has between 6 to 8GB worth of RAM; surpassing the 4GB RAM, the iPhone XS Max carries.


The central processing unit (CPU) of the leading phone is where the difference really comes into play. The iPhone XS Max has the mighty A12 Bionic chip processor. The A12 has surpassed its previous model (A11) by 60%. The A12 consists of 6.9 billion transistors. With this superior processing speed, the A12 handily outperformed the Samsung Snapdragon processor in tests.


In the storage compartment, the Galaxy and the iPhone are evenly matched. Both devices offer 64/256/512GB. This means that both phones are able to handle any data needs that arise based on gaming equally.


The battery-life category is another closely-run race. The edge here would appear to go to the Galaxy Note 9 with its 4,000mAh, as opposed to the iPhone’s 3,174mAh capacity battery. The fantastic thing about the results from the performance tests, the iPhone XS Max battery outperforms that of the Galaxy Note 9 due to the phone’s efficiency.


Now that we have taken the time to evaluate the key factors that a mobile phone needs for gaming, we are able to quickly determine what phone is the best. While it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a more than worthy opponent, the first place award has to go to the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone clearly surpassed the Galaxy based on the larger display, A12 processor, and battery-life efficiency.

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