The printable calendar might be exactly what you need to get your work organizes. It offers the support and motivation one needs to set up a realistic schedule and follow it. Such a calendar is suitable as a personal or professional life tool. You can use it to organize your meals or diet loss plans, to optimize your work productivity, or to plan departures for meetings, among others. The printable schedule gives you the assistance you need, even when you face a power cut.

To fully benefit from an organized schedule, first you need to print a calendar. Find a suitable one for you and print the first one in two copies. Then, you will develop a style for making notes and avoid mistakes. Remember to print the calendar in colors and feel free to fully personalize it.

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Designate A Place For Your Calendar

You calendar needs a visible and accessible place, close to your screen monitor, where you can see it several times a day. Also, you need to reach it without effort. However, storage defines more terms than it seems. So, before using your printable calendar, you need to organize it.

  • In your office: Find the suitable place for your calendar in your desk. Find a way to hang or glue it there without ruining the page when the month ends. Make sure that the place is accessible for others also, such as your assistance.
  • In your home: If you use a calendar for personal purposes, place it somewhere visible. You need to see it as you go through your morning routine. Moreover, you can include it in your coffee or tea ritual and think what the day brings for a few minutes.
  • A place for notes: Think about what types of notes your calendar needs to contain and organize them. For example, meetings with partners are in the right side of the day, while business lunches with colleagues in the left and so on.
  • In your computer:  You will need to have a back-up of your calendar in your computer, in case you need to re-print it. Make a specific folder for the calendar and place it somewhere easy to reach.

Give It A Purpose

The more specific your calendar’s purpose is, the more effective it will be. Remember that calendars are mainly about events, not tasks. You want to understand your own notes. Therefore, if you wish to include tasks, make sure they are recurrent and emphasized as such.

Routines regarding work are stored as procedural memory and increase effectivity, research states. Continue organizing your calendar by developing rituals and stick to how you plan to use it.

Use The Calendar To Calculate Days

You can calculate days to an event or a task based on your computer or even apps. However, using your calendar will allow you to visualize the time you have left to complete all the tasks regarding an event. If the calendar takes part in more of your activities, you will increase its usage and be more organized.

They say that knowledge is power. When you visualize days to a deadline, you can also consider your work rhythm, the company’s other tasks, what might come up and everything else than can happen.

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Mix The Calendar With An Agenda

If you usually work with more tasks during the day, the agenda will also come in handy. Make references about your calendar in the agenda. This way, you will also see if you have other events that need a resolution.

Associate your calendar with the agenda or even with a to do list. Make notes such as see calendar. You can even mark a note in the calendar and write the details in your agenda.

Back-up Your Work Plan

You have a highly organized calendar, that includes all the information you need to complete your work efficiently. However, tomorrow you have a meeting or conference. There, you might need to set further presentations for potential customers or business partners. What is there to do?

Take a picture of your calendar before leaving work. You will know when you have some spare time and not overbook with meetings that you will then need to postpone.

Ticking The Calendar

The calendar is for daily usage, not décor. Moreover, it’s highly beneficial for day-long tasks and events. Remember why you decided to use it. Don’t be scared to mark a task or event as complete by ticking it. Its purpose is to help you with your daily work, not to look good near your desk.

Did you find your next printable calendar? It’s time to use it and optimize your results!

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