Technology advances are made daily. What we considered to be cutting-edge tech a couple of months ago we now consider old news. This is why most people end up replacing their cell phones every 18 to 24 months. However, getting a new cell phone may not be the best decision. Here are six reasons to hold onto an older smartphone. 

Regular Software Updates

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Sure, there are several cell phone manufacturers that design phones with the technology that they have at a given moment, and thus the phone quickly becomes outdated. But what about cell phone manufacturers such as Apple that offer their customers frequent software updates? Although these updates can’t do anything about updating hardware, they do keep all the software current and as advanced as their newest iPhones. For example, even if you have an older iPhone 5, the software that it is running is identical to that of the newer iPhone 7.

Cost Of Replacing Accessories

Every time you change cell phones, you have to consider all the other supporting accessories you may need to change as well. Not all accessories support all cell phones, and things such as charging cables and headphones are not universal. So if you have purchased charging cables for multiple locations in your home, office, and car, it is possible that you will have to spend money to replace all of those with the newer supported accessory. Depending on how many accessories you have, the cost to replace them all is expensive. 

Common Ports And Jacks

Along the same lines as having to replace accessories, many of the newer phones do not have the same common ports and jacks that you are used to. For example, the iPhone 7 does not include a headphone jack like the one found in the iPhone 6S or earlier versions. This means that none of your current corded headphones will work with your new iPhone. So if you break or lose the Ear Pods that come with your new iPhone 7, you will have to spend a lot of money to replace them.

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Maybe you do really want that new cell phone. But does that mean you have to get rid of your old one? No! In fact, you can easily take any older cell phone and repurpose it. Maybe you have a child who likes to play games and doesn’t need a phone. Or maybe the screen is perfect for reading and you want to use it to read your Kindle books. There are plenty of things you can do with a used cell phone that don’t involve actually making phone calls. 

Save On Monthly Costs

Unlike when cell phones first came out and you had to buy the smartphone in full, many network providers such as T-Mobile now offer monthly payment plans. These plans offer an outstanding way for customers to upgrade phones without a lot of upfront cash. They simply get to break the cost of the phone up into monthly payments that are then added to their monthly bills. However, if you are looking to save a little money each month, consider not upgrading your phone once you have paid for your current one. 

Not As Fast As It Sounds

A lot of new cell phones are advertised to be faster than their older counterparts. While the advertising is correct, it is a little misleading. How much faster is that new phone really? In most cases, it is only a second or two quicker than the previous version. So the question has to be asked if that couple of seconds is actually worth the cost of upgrading. Or are there things you can do to your current phone to speed it up? Maybe you have bogged down your cell phone by filling up the memory. If so, clean you phone up, move pictures to the cloud, and remove unnecessary apps. Your current phone may be faster than you think.

Yes, new cell phones are shiny and boast the best technology, but that doesn’t mean your current phone isn’t great as well. So before you jump to buy that new one, consider these six reasons to hold on to your older smartphone.

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