In 2018, there are dozens of startups coming up in the tech realm. For this reason, it is difficult to identify those that are actually doing great innovative work. While it might not be possible to have any revolutionary products as the market has already seen some of the best, there are still some outliers that are doing a great job transforming the world. The following are some innovative startups that are changing the world in various ways.

Zero Mass Water

The world is quickly coming to terms with the effects of climate change. There have thus been various steps taken by companies to promote environmental conservation. The efforts have not been enough though. Zero Mass Water is a startup that has brought a practical solution for water conservation. The startup has created an absorbent material that helps conserve drinking water. The startup has also gotten into harnessing water through solar technology. SOURCE, a solar product that this startup has created, can create drinking water from the air.


Scoutible is a startup that is shaking up the business world with its innovative tools that can select prospective employees from a computer gaming session. This startup has created a system that can be able to detect the qualities of a prospective employee by analyzing their gameplay. The startup creators reckon that employers can be able to save huge amounts of resources by using the tools which are several times better than job interviews. The startup offers an interactive, fun and effective way of quickly interviewing employees without all the hassle and difficulties associated with formal interviews.

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Axiom Space

Axiom Space is a startup that seeks to fully harness the benefits that come with space exploration. This startup has huge plans for various industries. The startup hopes to create a space station where research and development activities can take place. The creators of the startup reckon that there are many new drugs and other products that can only be developed in the environment offered by the space. The company thus hopes to take the research to space and come up with many solutions for medical and scientific realms. Other plans including boosting space tourism are also in consideration by this ambitious startup.


Circle aims at making sending money from anywhere in the world as simple as sending a text message. The crypto startup, which is based in London and Dublin, has a team of committed innovators who have already raised millions of dollars from big investors. Circle has also already started the work of making their technology secure through tests. If the vision of the founders of this startup comes true, then the world will be a much more connected village albeit in financial terms. As reported by Admiral Markets, crypto startups have immense opportunities in the future financial world. Circle will, therefore, be an exciting startup to watch.


B-Secur is changing the world by bringing forth a technology that might revolutionize the future. With its tech product that uses the heartbeat of a person as the biometric connection between humans and devices, this startup will not only increase the security of systems but it will also have health benefits. The startup hopes to improve the health of device users while also offering them secure means to use the devices.

TerraBlue XT

This startup is one of the few that are bringing major changes to the medical world. TerraBlue XT is created for epileptic patients in order to make it easier to detect and communicate ailments. The first product from this startup is a pair of gloves that are built with sensors capable of identifying the blood flow. There is also an integrated AI system that will read that data and send it to medical professionals for the quick overview. With a large population still suffering from epilepsy, this product will definitely transform the lives of many.

Magic Leap

Finally, Magic Leap is a startup that has changed the world and is continuing to do so through innovative augmented reality products. This startup was established in 2010 and it has come up with augmented 3D imagery that has proceeded to be used heavily in various tech products. With its partnership with Google, more life-changing products in the realms of education, science, and technology are expected to come.

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