In the current world, most of the people prefer online shopping for their convenience rather than going out and buying stuff. However, many among the most are unaware of the fact that there are certain grave threats associated with this convenient mode of shopping. Although these threats can cost us far more than we could think of, there are some practices and precautions which can easily make us secure while shopping online.

Here I have come up with some potential security threats associated with online shopping and how you can evade them to stay secure online.

Seven Tips To Stay Safe Online

With the shopping season coming in, more and more online frauds are likely to occur this year. These threats can be of different nature and can cost you a lot more than just the money. So, here are some online security tips to keep you away from different grave threats:

Malware And Ransomware Can Be Destructive


You’ll get a lot of emails this season with enticing deals that you can avail on clicking the link. Such links often carries virus that infects your device once gets clicked or downloaded. The attacker may steal all your personal information and important passwords through such viruses.

Same is the case with Ransomware. The attacker may make all your data inaccessible and would ask for money from you to regain the access. Therefore, always avoid such links no matter how much you’re lured.

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Tip: Before shopping online, make sure you have a strong ant-virus program installed in your device, be it your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or your mobile phone. This will protect you from any virus that may attempt infecting your system through any fake deal offer advertisement or a malicious website. Also, stay informed about the common scams and phishing attacks!

Only Shop From Trusted Websites & Brands


During the shopping season, you see a lot of new websites with various exciting deals and discounts. Most of such sites are solely created to trick consumers to lose their money on fake deals and offers.

Tip: Don’t click on every link or ad, especially on a website that does not appear to be a reputable one. It’s highly recommended that you only shop from reputable or trusted websites.

Shop From Websites Starting With https://


Most of us are never bothered about this ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ written in the start of every single website. We don’t even know what it means and we surf the site anyway. To be précised, ‘https://’ protocol is certainly far more secure and safe to deal with due to higher encryption measures, as compared to ‘http://’.

Tip: Try shopping from only those sites that have HTTPS protocol which means the site is comparatively more secure and encrypted and your transaction will be least vulnerable to threats.

Use Secure Online Payment Methods


While shopping online, most of us choose the payment mode that suits best for us. This carelessness may end up getting us robbed someday.

Tip: Whenever you pay for your purchase, make sure you only use the secure online payment methods. This will secure your payment, your personal and financial details, and it will go to the vendor without any intrusion or risk.

You Might Be Monitored By A Hacker


There’s a possibility that a snooper may have an eye on your home IP and is waiting for you to make any monetary transaction so that he can steal your personal information and credit card details. It is usually called man-in-the-middle attacks and this shopping season is their favorite so they become extremely active in this season.

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Tip: Always connect to a premium VPN service like PureVPN before making any online transaction. Connecting to a VPN in such cases will hide your home IP and all your traffic passes through a new foreign IP that is unknown to that hacker, thus making you secure.

Avoid Providing Personal Information


Many scam sites run campaigns during the shopping season where they push you to fill out a form asking about your personal details in order to get some exclusive deals and offers.

Tip: Never give out your personal information where you think it’s unwanted. Always remember that your personal information is like money: value it and protect it. Don’t throw it away, because any legit site would have nothing to do with your social security number!

Avoid Shopping With Public Wi-Fi Connections


The public WiFi networks are the most vulnerable and unsecured networks as anyone can hack into your system through this open network. It’s highly recommended that you don’t shop online if you’re connected to a free public Wi-Fi.

Tip: Never shop online when you’re connected to a public WiFi network. I repeat, Never!

If you really want to shop while connected to an open WiFi network, you must first connect to a VPN as it secures you exactly the same way as discussed in this infographic.

Have A Safe and Secure Shopping Season

With these tips, you can ensure maximum security for yourself while shopping online. Avail the best deals and discounts coming your way without being threatened about your online security.

Have a safe shopping season!

Author’s Name: Haris Mumtaz

Author’s Bio: Haris Mumtaz is currently associated with one of the leading VPN service providers in the industry, PureVPN, as a Brand Strategist. Apart from being an online security activist, he also keeps an eye on the latest happenings in the tech world. When he’s not at work, he loves to go on adventurous trips with music as his sole companion. You can follow him on Twitter: @harysmumtaz

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