High tech security devices are increasingly popular for homes up and down the country, mostly for making us feel safe and ensuring our properties will be safe when we’re at work or on holiday. The most common of these devices is the simple, but effective, household alarm system.

Also known as the trusty burglar alarm, you might be surprised to learn that different variations of burglar security alarms have been around for thousands of years. Mankind used animals as protection for centuries; the Romans used geese as they were both noisy and confrontational!

The Evolution Of The Alarm System

The first alarm system was created in the 1700’s, using a set of chimes that were mechanically linked to the lock of a door. Sometime later, in the 1850’s, an American inventor known as Augustus Pope created the first electronic burglar alarm. His system used electricity, magnets and a bell to deter intruders!

These alarm systems for homes began to sell very well, with over 1200 alarm devices being sold by only a few years later in 1866. It wasn’t until around a century later that technology would advance once again, improving household alarm systems for the latest generation at the time.

In 1970, motion sensors were introduced and used to connect to the alarm units. This was something that improved through the 1980’s to ensure a seamless, efficient alarm system for homes everywhere.

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The Modern Day Alarm System

Now, alarm systems have evolved further and we now have wireless alarms. This meant installation was easier, and the alarms themselves were equipped with more features than ever. Your biggest challenge is to make sure you have plenty of wireless alarm batteries to keep them going!

Modern household alarm systems are now often found with wireless installation in order to achieve a less disruptive solution. They are also portable, should you move house.

Wireless alarm systems now come with a wealth of helpful features too, ensuring you get more out of your home security. The introduction of ‘smart home’ products has meant that you can now invest in alarm systems with built-in cameras, recording capabilities and instant alerts to your smartphone if there are any problems. Now, you can start to see why keeping them powered up with quality batteries is important!

Watch over your home no matter where you are, whether you want to keep an eye on a pet or simply just make sure no one is breaking in. In an age where everything is digital, household alarm systems are making it easier than ever before to keep your property protected 24/7.

So, if you’re looking to update your household alarm system to a more modern solution, invest in specialist batteries for wireless alarms too and get the most out of the latest technology.

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