The gambling industry has always been in the forefront when embracing pioneering technology and promoting new ideas, and because of this we have seen an explosion of online casinos, many geared towards the mobile user.

Luckily for us the days are long past where gambling online was looked at as a bit of a shady pastime to one that is (rightly so) full of excitement and enjoyment.  We are a race of gamblers, you only have to look through history to see this. We have always enjoyed betting on a spin of a wheel or a throw of a dice, and not forgetting the cut of the cards, we enjoy them all.

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It is only natural then that the more Smartphones and tablets became an integral part of our lives that the gambling industry would take full advantage and provide us with games to our mobile devices.

The rapid development in wireless internet has reduced the risk of lost connection and our experience is now incredibly entertaining. Mobile sites bring the whole concept of portable games to your fingertips wherever and whenever you choose.

The choice of games these sites provide is exceptional and many games have transferred over to the smaller screens without a problem.  Of course smartphone screens are a lot bigger than our old mobile phones. Playing on one of those was impossible and quite frankly, not worth the hassle.

We can now enjoy sites that are dedicated to making the mobile experience one to enjoy.  Many have exclusive bonuses aimed at the mobile player and you will find that most accept the same password and payment option that you use on your computers.

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For those that visit their favorite casino only every on their smartphone then there is also the option of mobile casino pay by sms method. This handy option means that you can add your deposited money to your monthly phone bill or have the amount taken off your total if you are a pay as you go customer.

Another important factor is the safety of mobile online casinos. Quality sites have to adhere to the rules and regulations of their jurisdiction and they must have their Random Number Generator independently audited and deemed as ‘true and fair.’

The RNG is what rolls the virtual dice, spins the virtual wheel, and cuts the virtual cards.  Gone are the days where there were shady operators only after one thing, and that was your personal details.

Mobile gambling is here to stay and is in fact one of the largest growing markets, with a higher percentage of people using their smartphone to place a bet. We can only wait and see how technology will further advance, and what that means for the gambling industry as a whole, these are exciting times for sure.

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