So this is some news huh, T-Mobile is now the prepaid king. While you all were in the restroom playing video poker, T-Mobile has been putting in work. Their work sure has paid off because they now passed Sprint as the number one prepaid wireless carrier in the United States. This is certainly nothing to sneeze at considering the prepaid market is a large one and very important to wireless businesses. T-Mobile Prepaid plans sure have flourished.

T-Mobile states: “According to most recent reported figures, T-Mobile US now boasts 15.64 million prepaid customers compared to Sprint’s 15.19 million customers in the prepaid market.” They also claim that their rivals AT&T have most recently reported 11.34 million customers. It is also no surprise that Verizon Wireless prepaid has reported 6.04 million customers. Verizon has only recently enabled 4g connectivity for their prepaid customers. Merging with MetroPCS has only helped T-Mobile as their numbers begin to climb as well.

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T-Mobile is really doing some amazing things within the last year, their network is getting stronger, they said good-bye to cell phone contracts, and they continue to have the least expensive postpaid plans in the market – all while keeping unlimited data. All of these aspects are a heavy smartphone users dream. Being number one in the prepaid market is huge. Gone are the times where prepaid was only for lower-income users. People are catching on to how much of a rip-off contracts really are.

However there is another side to this coin. There is a reason that in terms of sales that AT&T and Verizon are still number one overall. While T-Mobile’s network is growing and is very fast but…it is not everywhere. At the end of the day people will pay for a strong network to be able to make calls without a problem. T-Mobile has solved some of this with WiFi calling, but that feature is only available to postpaid devices. Is a contract, with a data limit, and less freedom worth it to have strong signal? I think at the end of the day, that answer is yes. There are still some smaller areas where the signal of T-Mobile isn’t strong and is almost non-existent.

T-Mobile is setting the bar high with this accomplishment. It is no surprise that a prepaid wireless plan with just as strong of a signal as their postpaid plans, does well in that market. Using a T-Mobile prepaid plan is basically the same as using their postpaid plans, except more affordable. So far, T-Mobile is doing everything right, and hopefully one day it will be too much for AT&T and Verizon Wireless to ignore. To not be outdone, both carriers have tried to do business similar to the way T-Mobile has been handling themselves, but it ends up not really benefiting the customer.

 Source: T-Mobile Prepaid Leader In The US

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