With Team GB performing minor miracles at the Rio Olympics, the issue of lottery funding has come to the fore in recent weeks. With Great Britain using its national lottery to fund the careers of its top athletes, the world has now seen the good these games can do. While the positive effects of Team GB’s Rio success will take some time to affect lottery sales in the UK and beyond, the fact remains that revenue is already on the up. According to the annual stats from UK lottery operator Camelot, revenue hit a record high of £7.6 billion in 2015.

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Digital Access Increases Sales

One of the main reasons for this increase in revenue is the increase in digital sales. As more people become aware of lotteries via online and mobile apps, sales have increased by 53%. Today, more people are playing lotteries via their Smartphones and tablets and one of the latest platforms to hit the market is Lottoland.

Using a unique dynamic which allows players to bet on rather than invest in games, Lottoland’s mobile app has made is possible for anyone to play any lottery from around the world. In the past it used to be the case that players could only take part in their local or national lottery. However, thanks to the Lottoland app, players can now play everything from the US PowerBall to the Irish Lotto with a single click.

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The reason this is possible is because players bet on lottery results. This means they are making a wager with Lottoland instead of the lottery company itself. Each game is backed by a comprehensive insurance policy so every prize is guaranteed and because you aren’t investing directly in a game, it means you can play anything that takes your fancy.

Beyond the ability to offer access to dozens of weekly lotteries, the Lottoland app offers the following benefits:

One-Touch Betting

Instead of noting down your numbers using a pen and paper, the Lottoland iOS and Android platforms allow you to touch, confirm and bet in seconds using your touch screen and nothing else.

Jackpot Bundles

Because Lottoland compiles a wealth of lottery data, it makes it possible for players to bet on multiple games with a single click. The app’s JackpotBundle feature highlights three of the best jackpots of the week, puts them into a single window and offers you a one-touch system to bet on them with the least effort as possible.

Syndicate Betting And Repeat Payments

By setting up an account with Lottoland you can gain access to syndicate betting – i.e. working with other members to improve your odds of winning – and repeat payments. Thanks to a secure cashier system that’s regulated by the UK and Gibraltar Gambling Commissions, you can set up a direct debit so you can automatically play your favourite games week in and week out.

Added Extras

The final benefit to using the Lottoland mobile app is the bonuses you can claim. From free tickets when you make your first deposit to 10% off purchases, these deals are exclusive to Lottoland and give you more value each time you ante-up. Indeed, because lottery wins are hard to come by, it makes sense to claim as much additional value as possible and the Lottoland app allows you to do this.

Technology has and will continue to change the world around us and lottery gaming is the latest example of what’s possible. By making these games as efficient and accessible as possible, technology is opening up the world of lotteries and that can only lead to greater participation in the coming years.

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