The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show took place late September of this year in which you could find the latest technology from robotics to laser technology. It was the place to be if you are into technology. They had a wide variety of the different types of laser products, especially laser cutting technology and we will discuss that in this article.

Laser products are an easy tool to use when it comes to cutting technology. They work with a computer and laser optics to get the desired result. Depending on the type of laser technology you have, you can easily cut through plastic, metal, wood, and so on. It makes cutting and carving a breeze while providing precision you could not get with your hands.

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Laser Products At The Show

We won’t be going into the specifics of what the exact products were but rather the technology they had in display in terms of laser products.

CO2 Laser Cutter – probably one of the most common type of laser product today. The CO2 cutter is perfect for the use of cutting and engraving. The product uses the gas to generate power for the cutter to cut through material. It also uses help from radio frequencies to get the desired result. You could easily find CO2 laser products at the Technology Show since they are commonly available and easy to use.

Laser Microjet – this type of laser uses the help of a water-jet guided laser. The low-pressure water jet is partnered with a pulsed laser beam which works together to allow the laser to cut material. The water jet serves the purpose as a guide to the laser beam. The two work well together as the beam cuts, the water, works to cool the material while also cleaning the debris. There weren’t many laser microjet present at CMTS but if you got a chance to test it out, we are sure it was a spectacle.

Fiber Lasers – used mostly to cut metal, these lasers use a solid gain medium to cut material. It is slightly more heavy duty than a CO2 laser cutter, therefore, is ideal for thicker material such as metal. You could easily spot these at CMTS as they are quite popular for use in robotics and other industry where metal cutting is common.

The CMTS wasn’t just about laser products. It was a wonderful exhibition on the latest of technologies. A wonderful stop for technology enthusiasts. It did have the latest in laser technology with machines that work well for individual and commercial use.

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