If the Get in the Race application will be developed from the demo version, the bets and racing will be looked upon quite differently. It is horse racing with Oculus. Even those who have never liked the bets will like this race. The best bookmaker William Hill has expected to create fascinating process and give experience to the users without placing emphasis to the win or loss.

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Get in the Race is a computer generation with polygons, GPS system and physical indications tracking sensors. Direct to the horse and you’ll see her characteristics. Like the competitors.

Your smartphone capacity is enough for application work and it is compatible with Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses. And this is a right thing in view of appearance of cheap devices for the immersion in the virtual reality.

Google Cardboard provides good opportunities. The future of Oculus depends from the products. Though, it is liked by the users and bets fans. There is no information about appearance of live variant of the Get in the Race on the market. Thus, the best bookmaker William Hill expects that even the short-term influence to the users will be successful.

William Hill expects to the young generation of the gamers who are fond of popular games over the last 10 years. The game is played from the first-person. It is possible to take part in the horse racing several times until best bookmaker William Hill stop the game by the special created for these purposes tools per the policy of the social responsibility of the game.

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The center Labs was created on the wave of popularity and profitability of online bets. Slots Million investors created virtual casinos with slot machines, bars and view on the city. William Hill proposes to play with a live dealer. You can see the game table and a dealer who is distributing cards on your screen. Full presence effect makes the product very attractive. However, lots of bets fans think that Get in the Race hardly transfers them into the official competition scale. That’s why we are waiting for the researches of the virtual reality approval from the users.

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