The short answer to this question is yes it is possible but in most cases it will be very unlikely. Statistics suggest that only a very small percentage of apps do well enough to make their developers seriously rich. There are two main ways that you earn money from apps. People may pay to download the app or if it is offered for free then you can earn money from in app purchases or advertising. This is not to say that there are not plenty of apps out there that are very successful and are earning money, they are just not earning vast sums of it.

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There are two main obstacles that people face when trying to develop a hugely successful app. The first is that all of the most successful apps are already owned by large companies that probably have a lot more resources than you such as Facebook and Google. Gaming apps like the one developed by 7 Sultans Online Casino also tend to do quite well. The second is that people do not have very long attention spans nowadays. You may be able to create an app that people go crazy for to start with but over time there is a good chance that they will all start to move on to a newer app that is being touted as the next big thing. However, despite these two issues if you are very lucky then you might just strike it rich with an app and this could happen for two reasons.

You could develop an app that is so popular and successful that it is purchased by one of the major players in the app world. If they are offering to buy your app then this may indicate that they think they will be able to make even more money from it in the future but as previously mentioned, they have the resources to be able to achieve this. If the app does not work out for them then at least you have gotten your money out of it, and it may be quite a sizable sum.

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Another way to ensure that your app stays successful and profitable is to keep it relevant by introducing new features on a regular basis. 7Sultans casino online is always introducing new games so there is something to keep players interested and so they will keep coming back. This will obviously mean that you have to keep working on the app but this can pay dividends if your app does become a success.

Another thing that you will need to consider when you are coming up with an app that will hopefully make you rich is whether it is something that you can do yourself or whether you will have to hire a developer. If you can make it yourself then this is often the better option because you are able to keep all of the profits. It also means that you do not have to pay for staff to work on your app before you are earning any revenue from it.

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