If you thought the release of the most anticipated smartphone in years was going to be all good news, you were misinformed. This particular bed of roses has plenty of thorns.

Sure, you have long since made peace with the absence of the headphone jack. Good riddance. It is just an opportunity to try out some of the excellent wireless headphone options that are out there. Apple fans seldom complain about new shopping opportunities.

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But there are other obstacles on the road to smartphone bliss that you may not have anticipated. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus offer a lot of new features. But new isn’t always better. Sometimes, it is just different. And different takes a bit of getting used to.

There are bad things, even ugly things awaiting the early adopter of this new tech. But first, let’s start with the good. And make no mistake about it: the good is very good.


iPhone 7 is the most durable iPhone ever made. From drop tests to drown tests, the iPhone 7 has performed well above expectations. In fact, the water resistance of the iPhone 7 provided more protection than the greater waterproofing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at a higher rating.

But it is important to remember that Apple knows the breaking points of these devices even if we do not. And they do not provide warranty service for water damaged phones. That means they are still susceptible to water damage. Beware!

The same is true for drops. With AppleCare+, broken screens can be replaced for $35 a total of two times under contract. That means these screens can and will break under duress. They are still made of glass.

BodyGuardz is one of the first out of the gate to offer protective cases for the iPhone 7. Breakage is not the only thing to worry about. The new Jet Black color is highly prone to scratches. So much so, even Apple recommends you use a case to avoid unsightly scuffing.

So while the phone is quite durable, the most popular finish is one of the least durable Apple has come up with. That definitely falls into the category of disappointment. This beautiful work of art will have to be hidden in a protective case. Make it a good one.

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A careful analysis of the iPhone 7’s features reveals the iPhone 7 to have two speakers instead of one. This configuration produces up to twice the volume of older iPhones. That is pretty much where the good news ends.

Everybody has made peace with the removal of the headphone jack. And It might not be an issue had Apple done a better job with alternatives. The included lightning headphones have a glitch, making them unusable for some people.

That forces users to grab an older pair of headphones with a 3.5″ jack, and use them with the supplied dongle. But the use of headphones with the retired plug is exactly what Apple is discouraging. For many, it is the only viable option out of the box.

Apple has created another solution for wires with their brand new AirPods. But these magical devices were not available for purchase at the time of release, delayed for an estimated 6 weeks.

Till then, what we have are the wired solutions Apple sought to avoid, and the wireless solutions Apple sought to fix. Audio on the iPhone 7 is a mess.

Other Bugs And Glitches

Some iPhone 7 owners are reporting a weird hissing noise from their device. When you engage, then come out of Airplane Mode, you may experience a loss of service. These are not the only reported bugs and glitches in the iPhone 7.

None of these problems amount to deal-breakers. But they do amount to a very disappointing release. This is not a $200 Android phone. We have come to expect more from Apple. They will fix all of these issues in time. But the time for a magical first impression has already past. Now, it is just another smartphone.

There is still more good than bad. But be prepared to buy a case, use old audio solutions, and wait on bug fixes.

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