Always fumbling for the charger cable to plug your phone in before hitting the sack? Well, the Gecko Indiegogo campaign is trying to make charging more convenient with its special magnetic system.

Not to be mistaken for a wireless charger, the Gecko is a magnetic charging connector that plugs into the microUSB or Lightning port of your smartphone. It magnetically connects with the adapter or dongle, which is plugged into the charging cable’s tip or a power bank, charging the phone “wirelessly.”

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It’s not really wireless, but the Gecko does eliminate the hassle of plugging the cable into the device. Is it a groundbreaking product? No, but it’s an option for those with phones that do not offer wireless charging or even reversible connectors like the Lightning charger or USB Type-C cables, which certainly makes charging a little more convenient. After all, that’s what the Gecko really is all about, convenience.

You need to keep the short Gecko connector, which flips to the back of your device, plugged in. The adapter plugs into the connector tips, whether it’s a microUSB or Lightning charger, and voila, all you need to do is put your device near the cable’s now magnetic tip and it should snap into place with your device and begin charging.

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As a special bonus, we have teamed up with Gecko themselves to offer you, the readers and followers of TechDissected, a very special code to get in on the deal yourself and even save a bit more money than others. The price for this special package is valued at $14, but you will only have to pay $9 and of course there’s FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Here’s what you get listed below.

  • 1: Gecko Connector
  • 1: Gecko Adapter
  • 1: Gecko Dongle
  • You get to choose either microUSB or an Apple Lightning connector at the end of the campaign.

To take advantage of this special offer, just visit this special link here: Gecko Wireless Charger For TechDissected Fans and you can visit the main IndieGoGo project page here: Gecko Wireless Charger

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