The overwhelming nature of writing big essay projects can make you feel discouraged by your studies. To relieve you of academic stress, divide these tasks into smaller manageable assignments. Setting goals for each day can help you put everything into motion. Narrow down your tasks to what you can easily achieve with a specific time. The most interesting ways to start your routine tasks is to identify important tasks and prioritize them on your to-do list, mark them as important. Using this strategy, you will solve routine tasks that seem to be overwhelming by completing the tasks in smaller bits each day.

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Before writing an essay, the first step is to sit down and think about what you want to pass across to the reader. Depending on the type of essay the writer is required to use different writing skills to either convince or inform the reader about his argument.  Your topic should be attractive enough to grab the readers’ attention. Writers may have many scattered ideas of what they want to include in their essay; however, it is important to narrow down to a specific area to present a good essay.

There are several ways of linking disconnected thoughts to get a beautiful and harmonious text. The first one is brainstorming; brainstorming is a process where you write down any thought that comes to your mind, meaning that you take inventory of all your thoughts. When brainstorming one needs to write down any relevant idea that comes to his mind immediately by putting these on paper.

Writers of use the brainstorming process to generate interesting topics. They use bullet points to make their major ideas. Basically brainstorming requires writers to make a list of ideas before reviewing the list and picking the best among the many ideas. When brainstorming, make sure you pour out all your thoughts without feeling ashamed whether it would be acceptable or not.

The other method that will help you organize your thought is question asking, this is among the most useful process that can help you in link your disconnected thoughts, to generate beautiful and harmonious text that will help you develop a good thesis for your essay, especially if you have no ideas where to start. Question asking is about writing down all the possible questions that are relevant to what you intend to argue about. Question asking is a long process whereby allot of questions are listed down and the writer contemplate on the answers to these questions. The answers to these questions become the ideas for your essay that could potentially help you start your essay.  According to, most of the great essay topics come out of question asking process, therefore you should focus on a question that is not easy to answer, to get a good framework for your argument.

Journaling is another approach that can help you link your thoughts to generate good ideas for your essay topic. Journaling is about writing down whatever strikes you and what you want to present. This method is effective because by reviewing your journal you can point out several essay ideas for your essay instead of trying to remember. By writing, it down you will easily review that and pick the best out of the many ideas. Journaling is effective because many brainchild can come into your mind that can easily evaporate. Capturing the idea at that moment can lead to great papers because many of these initial thoughts become the seed of a successful essay.

Outlining is another method one can use to organize his thoughts together; outlining is one of the extremely helpful approaches to many writers because it requires one to conduct an in-depth research on the topic to have the basic idea of what he wants to an argument about.  Outlining means having a good theme, better argument, and following specific essay structure. That is why many writers prefer writing down all the important information in an outline before writing down an essay. When outlining your points, use bullet points to organize how the structure of the paper will look like, beginning with the content to be included in the introduction, the layout of the main argument and how the paper will end.  Make sure to present evidence and analysis.

You can put all your thoughts in an essay in a beautiful way by using transition words between ideas; do not assume that the readers know what you know. The best way is to assume that not only your readers need all the information but also they need to understand how you arrived at your position. Transitions are words or phrases that help the reader follow the ideas from one sentence to the next without feeling lost.  Transition helps the reader see the connection or the link between ideas. Many words serve as transition these include afterward, suddenly, at this point, nevertheless and many others. Always remember that readers will be interested to read through your essay when your thoughts are well connected to the text. Putting together all your thoughts in an essay requires various appropriate writing techniques that writers need to be familiar with.

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