Experts predict that the electric bike industry will be worth around $25 billion by the year 2025. With each passing year, the popularity of these bikes seems to skyrocket.

If you are new to the world of cycling and feel like you need a bit of help to make it through a longer ride, then an electric bike may be a great fit. The small electric motor mounted on these bikes allows you to get help with peddling when needed.

Before investing in a new electric bike, be sure to do your homework. Rushing through this important decision may result in a case of buyer’s remorse.

Once you have found and purchased the right electric bike, keeping it in good working order should be one of your top priorities. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your electric bike reliable and damage free.

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Battery Maintenance Is Essential

The battery on your electric bike is using Lithium Ion to power the motor. These batteries are made up of a number of different cells. For the most part, these cells are built to withstand about 1000 charging cycles. As time goes by, you may start to notice your battery is getting weaker with each passing day.

Allowing professionals to check the battery is a great way to assess what condition it is in. When the time comes to buy a custom ebike battery, you need to make sure it has the proper amount of voltage to power your bike. If you are unsure about the type of battery you need, consulting with professionals is a good idea. They can help you find the right ebike battery and may even be able to install it for you.

Keeping Your Ebike Motor Functional

The maintenance your ebike motor requires will depend heavily on what type of motor it has. If your bike has a gearless hub motor, you will need to keep an eye on the magnets in the inside of the motor. These magnets are activated by the pedal assist system on your bike. Eventually, you will have to get these electromagnets replaced to keep your bike responsive.

Geared hub motors are similar to the gearless motors, but there are some differences as well. A geared hub motor utilizes the power of nylon gears to drive the bike forward. Taking the hub cover off and tightening these gears on a regular basis is vital. Be sure to avoid putting too much torque on the gears due to the damage this can cause.

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Maintaining Your Bike’s Drive-train

Another important component on your ebike is the drivetrain. Just like a traditional bike, the mechanical components of your ebike will have to be properly maintained in order to stay functional.

If you are trying to clean the chain on your bike, using an old toothbrush and some warm water is the first thing you need to do. After you have cleaned out every link in the chain, be sure to spray it down with bicycle lubricant. Doing this will allow you to reduce the amount of moisture on the chain. If the chain is allowed to stay wet, it is only a matter of time before it begins to rust.

Are you unsure about how to properly maintain your ebike? Working with seasoned professionals is the best way to get this maintenance work done properly. With their assistance, you can avoid making costly mistakes that could put the functionality of your ebike in jeopardy.

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