While the Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch to enter the market, it was a game-changer. Analysts who had previously dismissed this field of smart wearables had to take it seriously the moment Apple released a product. As a consumer, you might also wonder whether a smartwatch is a good investment. You’ll be glad to know that there are many benefits. Here’s a guide on how to get the most out of your smartwatch.

Wrist GPS

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Thanks to easy integration with Google Maps, virtually every smartwatch on the market is a functional GPS. As car companies move toward this technology rather than their own native GPS apps, you can get ahead of the curve by using your watch rather than your phone or your car to provide driving instructions.

The options don’t end there, either. Have you ever gone to a massive sports coliseum or a giant theme park like Walt Disney World? If you want precise instructions on where to park or find your seats, your smartwatch is your best friend. Similarly, if you want to save your feet some pain during a visit to Magic Kingdom, your smartwatch can provide the shortest path to Space Mountain. You’ll never get lost with GPS on your wrist.

A Call From Someone Important

While at work or in a movie theater, most people politely silence their smartphones. The problem is that an important call may come at an inopportune moment like this. Your smartwatch will cover you in these situations. Once you connect it to your cellphone number, you’ll receive notifications on your watch if someone is calling.

Even if your phone is set to vibrate and you wouldn’t otherwise notice it, the message on your watch will tell you there’s an inbound call. It will also display the caller ID, so you won’t suffer the aggravation of accidentally answering a telemarketer. That aspect alone may justify a smartwatch purchase for some people.

The Magic Of Push

There’s a lot of debate about whether social media is reducing the average person’s attention span. Some people prefer the convenience of a quick tweet to an extended post on a topic. The same is true of smart device usage. Companies such as T-Mobile offer smartwatches, because they understand the evolving nature of data consumption. A quick push of information to your device display is more than enough in some instances.

For example, do you not have time to watch your team’s game but still want to know the score? Your smartwatch will push updates as frequently as you prefer during the game. It’ll even offer game highlights. The same is true if you’re watching a stock, following a news story, or anticipating a text from a friend. Your smartwatch will push the data to you right from your arm.

Talk To Yourself

Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are the most established of a growing field of digital personal assistants. The addictive premise is that you provide a voice command or query, and your smart device responds with whatever information it has available on the topic. You likely already use this functionality, but you haven’t lived until you have it on your smartwatch. Even during the moments when you’ve left your phone somewhere, you’ll always have your watch with you, and it’ll have a world-class personal assistant ready to satisfy your informational needs.

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Here’s something you’ve never done well with your phone. No matter how much bling you add or which skin or case you select, your phone is never going to match your outfit well. A smartwatch, on the other hand, is a fashion choice as well as a powerful information source. There’s a reason Apple announced designer bands when it launched its watch. The company understands that style matters to customers. Having a sleek watch that you can wear in combination with your earrings and purse is something you simply can’t do with your phone.

Smartwatches are still a nascent technology. It’s one with a great deal of potential, though. Wearables are one of the explosive fields across all industries, and you’ll love having one on your arm. Plus, if you follow all the suggestions above, you’ll feel more plugged in than you ever have before.

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