The big question that many people are asking is whether Project Scorpio should really be classed as just an upgrade to X-Box One? After all this is a piece of lit that is being marketed as the most powerful games console ever, even before it has a definite release date.

Since Project Scorpio was announced at last year’s E3 there has been much discussion about whether this should actually be the birth of X-Bos Two; although Microsoft is set against going in that direction. We are going to take a look at what to expect when Project Scorpio is released later this year. We are also going to examine whether an upgrade is really the right way to go.

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What To Expect From Project Scorpio

The big punches of Project Scorpio are power and resolution; the former making is easier to achieve excellence in the latter. The 6 TFLOPS of computing performance that are an integral part of Project Scorpio certainly make for impressive game development options. This is the time when running games in 4K are coming to the fore.

One of the best things about Project Scorpio, according to Microsoft, is that it will give game developers the power and freedom to produce the product that they feel is really wanted by their customers.

Upgrade vs Next Generation

If you believe the announcements about Project Scorpio there seems little doubt that it will be head and shoulders above what is currently on offer from X-Box One. After all, this is a product which is expected to have more power behind it than PS4 Pro. So, would it have made more sense for this to be a next generation console rather than an upgrade to a product which has often had a less than stellar reputation?

It’s easy to understand where Microsoft is coming from. The idea is to include all games in the X-Box family. You can use one disc which plays on the current X-Box One console, as well as on Project Scorpio systems. No-one is excluded from the Project Scorpio journey if they want to join.

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That’s all well and good but should Microsoft instead embrace a completely new product launch in order to leave behind some of the issues that have left X-Box One very much in the shadow of PlayStation 4?

Let’s take a look at some of the history of X-Box One. First of all there was the big uproar about having to be online constantly and about barring the sale of used games. Of course, Microsoft did back down from many of the early announcements but it did not make for a very good start on the X-Box One journey.

How A New Product Launch Could Help Make Inroads On PS4 Pro

The launch of PS4 Pro was not exactly awe inspiring. The PS4 experience has not been greatly enhanced by the launch. So, should this be the time that Microsoft makes the most of the situation? It’s a great opportunity to bring out the fanfares and package all the power in a brand new product that diverts attention away from the issues with X-Box One. Let’s face it, this could be the chance that Microsoft needs to start catching up with PlayStation from sales and experience point of view.

If the idea is to include everyone in the experience then it should not be too difficult to make X-Box one games compatible with the new product. This means that gamers are not going to lose out if they invest. The argument about whether Project Scorpio should be next generation as opposed to an upgrade is likely to continue.

The fact is that, as things stand, Microsoft is insisting that Project Scorpio is part of the X-Box One family. It’s not clear how much you are going to have to invest to take part in the Project Scorpio experience but it might be worth starting to cut down your expenditure now, to preserve funds for the big event. Take a look at HotUKSavings and you can grab some voucher codes to help you make big savings on your gaming products.  

One thing for sure, if you believe the reports, Project Scorpio looks like it’s going to be money well spent. It’s bringing the power that gaming developers need to go that extra mile. Currently, the launch date is scheduled for later this year, so we have not got long to wait. It will be interesting to see what the reality of the product is actually like. There are many who will remain convinced that a new generation product launch was the better way to go for Microsoft. The fact is that even if Project Scorpio is part of the X-Box One universe it still seems set to go a long way to addressing some of the problems of the past and placing X-Box on a more level footing with PlayStation.

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