If you are the owner of an eCommerce business, you are probably gearing up for your busiest season of the year as we approach Christmas. Even if your website is well-designed and your products are brilliant, every business can benefit from strategic marketing strategies. To help give you the edge this winter, we take a look at some of Google’s most useful services for online stores.

Google Analytics

If you are investing heavily in your marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, it is vital to know what return you are seeing. The Google Analytics tool will allow you to see where your visitors have come from and also the journey they take through your website.

To ensure traffic from sources such as Facebook ads is correctly recorded you will need to add additional parameters to the end of your links. This will help you identify exactly where visitors are coming from, rather than some referrals being recorded as direct traffic.

Re-marketing Through Google Ads

Retargeting web users who have already visited your website is a brilliant way to target customers who are already aware of and interested in your products. Google Ads is an effective way to display your businesses adverts across Google’s third-party website network.

If you are already using Google Analytics there is just a simple tweak to create the code, or you can use the Google Ads specific remarketing code. The first step is to define your target audience, by selecting parameters such as how long they spent searching your website, or the number of times they have visited.

The Google network of third-party sites is huge and grows on a daily basis. It is possible to create adverts in a variety of formats and dimensions to see what works best, although it is recommended to always include an offer, product advertisement or a reminder to visit again. It is possible to create adverts which display the actual products people have viewed on your site using product feeds, which will lead to great returns.

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Google Shopping Adverts

Google Shopping adverts display themselves at the top of the Google search engine result pages. However, instead of the regular text results you probably see each day, these are adverts which contain an image of the actual product, its price and a brief description.

If a potential customer is searching for a product which you sell, it is likely that your store will feature in the results. The return is excellent for the amount of time and cost required to set the adverts up.

The Google Ads system will lift the details from a product file and match them to the relevant searches. The adverts can be managed via the Google Merchant Centre Interface which will link your product feed with your Google Ads account.

Paid Search

A smart, refined approach to paid search campaigns on Google can drive great quality traffic to your website. The first step to success is searching for the most profitable keywords. The keywords must be relevant to your business and the products you sell.

Google provides a useful keyword tool which will allow you to search for keywords and their level of competition. A good starting point is to see which keywords your competitors are using and the results they appear to achieve.

Once the keywords have been decided, the next step is to build the campaign within Google Ads. It is impossible to tell which keywords will result in the most sales, but you will soon start to see the traffic for different options coming through.

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