There are some products that are outstanding, such as Real Money Slots, and then there are those which are simply good or okay. Apple’s lineup used to be considered by the majority to be the former: excellent all around, innovative, and well worth every penny. However, lately some have raised the question of whether Apple is really all it’s cracked up to be.

These aren’t the usual Apple detractors, the folks coming out with the criticism are hardcore tech aficionados who at one time bought into the magic that was supposed to be Apple. So, is the company really losing its touch, or is the public just becoming restless or worn out on tech gadgets? The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.

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What Happened With The iPhone

You likely remember the days when people rushed out to buy the latest iPhone as soon as it dropped. Have you noticed that it doesn’t happen quite as often? The reason for that is when Apple comes out with a new iPhone now, there’s not much difference between it and previous iterations. It used to be that you could expect the latest models to have significant changes in terms of features, but now you can expect that the latest models will be one thing: just a tiny bit better than the phone that came before it. And “better” depends on how big a fan of the brand that you are. If you’re lukewarm or neutral on Apple, that small amount of “better” definitely won’t be worth the price of buying yet another iPhone.

Not So Much Creativity

Apple used to come out with products that weren’t just novel or neat, but truly revolutionary. iTunes forever changed how people thought about buying music, the iPod forced us all to get used to a new way of playing music, and the first iMac was simply brilliant. That brilliance is waning these days, but not necessarily because Apple has run out of good ideas. The market is constantly inundated with new tech gadgets, and companies are always trying to outsell and one-up each other. People have simply seen so much done that little is considered truly unique anymore. You may not be able to always count on Apple for innovation, but you can definitely head to 7 Sultans casino for some fun action.

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More Hassles Than Not

There’s true innovation that changes things for the better, and then there’s companies trying to change things just for the sake of saying they’re innovators. The line between the two is broad, and Apple seems to have leaped onto the other side of it. Think about the whole fiasco when the company got rid of headphone jacks, forcing people to either choose a different smartphone or buy the brand’s wireless earbuds. Really, did anyone need that? Of course not. Who asked for it? You’d have trouble finding even three people who think it was a good idea. At least when you go to play games on 7 Sultans casino you won’t have to worry about running into inconveniences and troubles. If Apple can stop creating expensive gimmicks and go back to what it used to do best, perhaps talk about the company losing its magic will quiet down.

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