While 2016 may have seen an enormous boost in public anticipation for VR, no virtual reality developer in Melbourne has the breathing space to rest on their laurels, with Australian businesses eagerly attempting to find their footing with this new technology.

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Forward Momentum

As we take our first steps into the new year, it appears that we are coming ever closer to widespread accessibility within the virtual reality world, and people are certainly paying attention. For those that have managed to avoid the seemingly unending stream of media, pushed forward by companies such as Sony and Oculus competing for the more impressive technology, here’s a breakdown:

While VR development can be traced back to its predecessors in the 1950’s (such as Morton Heilig’s “Sensorama”, which promised a full sensory experience akin to a 4D film), its true move into mainstream interest has only been seen within the last 10 years. Spearheaded by Oculus, a passion project turned worldwide phenomenon in the early 2010’s, other companies were quick to react in kind, leading to a moment where technology of the present is catching up to the ambitions of the past.

The Gaming Revolution

It’s impossible to discuss VR without mentioning the video game industry, which has been the predominant impetus for many of these technological advancements. As full-immersion is somewhat of a Holy Grail of the gaming development world, the idea of introducing virtual and augmented reality technology to these mediums has always been around, long before the means to successfully deliver these experiences existed. 

However, while interactivity in video games has certainly been on the limelight for mainstream interest, businesses across the world have been quick to see the potential that VR has to revolutionize the client-company experience. With companies such as Ikea gaining universal acclaim for their use of augmented reality technology to close the gap between customers and their products, it was inevitable that others would attempt to do the same.

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How This Affects Businesses

Digital marketing is by no means a new concept, as it has easily become the most prevalent form of marketing over the last decade. With that said, what this style of self promotion and brand awareness often lacks is a captive audience, and this is something that VR flourishes in. VR offers companies a way to fully immerse their clients or customers within their brand, and while VR is still an exciting and ever changing form of technology, customers are more than happy to be a part of the experience.

Customer Expectations

A force that drives a considerable amount of business development, the expectations of customers and clients are constantly changing with new additions to the technological landscape.

For an excellent example in recent years, the proliferation of mobile applications has forced many businesses to update their brands to better reflect this new format, with many others quickly falling into antiquity. In the next decade we are likely going to see similar effects, as virtual reality becomes more widely accessible to the mainstream market.

Innovations In Innovation

We have spoken in detail about what VR development may force businesses to do, but there is a new world of possibilities for entrepreneurial ventures outside of brand marketing.

Just as Google has developed apps to showcase the power of the Google Cardboard, we are likely to see virtual reality become a tool for creators to show proof-of-concepts for new products and designs in an interactive, innovative way. 

Regardless of what the future holds for VR development, we are sure to see an abundance of exciting additions to both business and media by 2022. For those of us keeping up with the stream of new updates to VR technology, it feels like we may be witnessing the dawn of something spectacular.

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