Recording video content is easier and more convenient now than it has ever been in the past – but it still requires some skill. More often than not beginners make several key mistakes when they record video content that makes their videos look unimpressive, or in some cases downright repulsive to viewers.

Needless to say you probably want to avoid making these mistakes yourself, which is why it would help to know what the more common mistakes are:

Not Keeping The Camera Steady

If your camera isn’t steady throughout your recording the video will have an entire host of issues. In some cases the video may look ‘shaky’ and that can distract viewers, and parts could look blurry.

Because of that you should take steps to hold the camera firmly and keep it as steady as you can. Sometimes keeping the camera steady in your hands may not be possible, in which case using a tripod stand or camera mount may help.

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Poor Quality Audio

When the audio quality is poor it can have a devastating impact on your video, as viewers will be completely put off by it. Adding to this problem is the fact that the built-in microphone on most video cameras simply isn’t built to record high quality audio.

Assuming you intend to record audio at the same time as your video, you need a good external microphone. It may set you back a bit, but it is going to be worth every penny.

Not Ensuring That The Camera Is Level

Even if your video is perfect in almost every other way, the fact that it isn’t level can ruin it for viewers. Videos that aren’t level look unbalanced, and invariably viewers find themselves distracted.

The good news is that this is a mistake that is easily fixed – by being aware of how level your camera is, and using a stand to keep it that way if necessary.

Bad Lighting

If there is too little light parts of your video will look grainy and poorly defined. On the other hand if there is too much direct light it will cast hard shadows, cause highlights and create a lot of contrast.

Understanding the basics of good lighting is important if you want to record good videos, as is knowing where the light is coming from and how it affects your subject and the setting.

As you may have noticed these issues apply to live videos, and if you record videos with a screen recorder Windows 10 such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio – you won’t really have to worry about most of them. That being said recording any type of video comes with its own set of challenges and mistakes that are just waiting to be made.

What is most important is that now that you’re aware of these mistakes, you take steps to make sure that you don’t end up making them. If you do that, you should be able to record much better pieces of video content.

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