Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you are likely aware of the massive explosion of the drone market. While they were once only used by a selected few people for a selected few things, that isn’t the case anymore. In fact, there have been hundreds of thousands of drones registered with the government, and that number is only going to rise.

While many just use drones to take cool photos and videos, that is only a small fraction of what they are able to accomplish. With that in mind, this post is going to look at some other great uses for drones that you might not have thought.

Assist In Firefighting

Firefighting is absolutely one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Not only is fighting fires dangerous, but it becomes more dangerous when firefighters are unaware of the true size of magnitude of the fire they are fighting. This is where drones can help, as they could be flown in ahead of time to see how large the fire is.

In addition to that, drones could one day actually fight fires themselves. Imagine hundreds of drones flying over a fire and dropping water on at the same time. While this seems like something out of a movie, it is not all that far from reality.

Take Photogrammetry To The Next Level

While photogrammetry has been along for a very long time, drones can take it to the next level. For those unfamiliar, photogrammetry is the science of taking (or making) measurements from a photo. It is used a lot in mapping and surveying, as well as having use in other industries too.

Drones can move the industry forward in a number of ways. Not only do they make it more affordable, but they make it more accessible as getting a drone is easier and cheaper now than it was in the past. In addition to drones, new software like PhotoModeler make photogrammetry much easier, efficient and effective than ever before.

Help Make Deliveries

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People are getting more things delivered to home than ever before. Between the dozens of monthly subscription box services, as well as all of the online shopping options out there, tens of millions of people are getting things shipped to their doors frequently. While this is easier for us, it can leave quite the footprint on the environment.

However, the ability of drones to revolutionize the home delivery market is very real and might be happening sooner than you think. Drones would not only get items to you faster than ever before, but it would also reduce the overall effect that the industry has on the environment, as it would mean less delivery vehicles on the road.

Providing Internet

While you and I might take having an internet connection for granted, we shouldn’t. There are billions of people who have no internet access, many of which live in an area that simply cannot connect to broadband internet. That means they are missing out on everything from world news, to the unbelievable amount of information that can be found through Google.

However, there are a few companies who think using drones could change that. They have a vision of using large drones to fly very high in the sky in these remote areas, which would be able to provide connectivity to the people below. It could be years before we see this, but it is an exciting idea.

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