Just what is ergonomic designPut very simply, it is the idea that what workplaces, products and systems should be a perfect fit for the people that use them. You would be surprised at how often places of work, study and leisure overlook this concept. Ever had a job with an uncomfortable chair, at a desk that was too high, or too low, and a monitor that wasn’t at the right height? You’re not alone. Ergonomics are so often overlooked in the workplace that it’s not funny. However, introducing proper ergonomic design can have a range of benefits. Let’s take a look at five frequently overlooked benefits of ergonomic design.

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Improved Productivity

Modern workplace ergonomics have the potential to exponentially boost productivity.

For example, a dual monitor stand is a simple and efficient solution that can raise a worker’s performance. No more time wasted minimising apps and windows to get the job done. A dual monitor setup allows for ease-of-use across a variety of apps and platforms without time wasted trying to bring the correct one up.

It’s a no-brainer that improved productivity means improved income streams.

While you normally wouldn’t equate ergonomics with profit, when you think about productivity as the outcome of improved ergonomics it’s hard to overlook the economic benefits.

Reduced Costs

This is the first, and most important benefit of improved ergonomic design.

The cost of workplace injury is 60 billion dollars a year! That’s a hefty sum. And we’ll wager that a good amount of those injuries could potentially have been avoided by proper workplace ergonomics. Think back pain, neck pain, tight hamstrings and repetitive strain injuries. All of these injuries can be avoided by a sleek, modern ergonomic workstation.

Imagine what you could channel all those lost dollars into if you just invested in ergonomic design in the workplace! New products, innovation, upskilling your staff – the possibilities are endless.

Quality Products And Service

Let’s face it, a happy and engaged workforce means a workforce that creates quality products and delivers quality services. A workforce using outdated, uncomfortable or plain clunky tools is not exactly likely to live up to this expectation. But a workforce that is operating at peak performance, with the aid of state-of-the-art ergonomic design, is a workforce that is outputting pure quality, around the clock.

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Satisfied Stakeholders

And, at the end of the day, quality products and service mean satisfied customers. Satisfied customers and means return customers. It also means priceless, word-of-mouth advertising. So you could actually be doing your firm or business the biggest favour possible by investing in sound ergonomic design.

If your company is public, quality products and services means that your investors are happy as well!

Increased Employee Retention

This is another overlooked benefits of solid workplace ergonomics.

Staff turnover can cost a business millions of dollars. Think about all the costs associated with recruiting, training and onboarding new personnel. Then think about if those costs could be funneled where they belong – into making money or improving outcomes. Staff that are comfortable and efficient at work at more likely to stay with a company, where staff that are uncomfortable and unsupported will be looking at job listings on their lunch breaks.

To Wrap It Up

To summarize the benefits of improved ergonomic design:

  • Your workplace productivity will soar
  • You’ll see a significant reduction in costs, and can funnel those funds where they belong
  • You will deliver quality products and / or services
  • You will have satisfied customers, stakeholders and stockholders
  • You will increase employee retention and save money on recruiting, training and onboarding new staff.

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